Wednesday, October 24, 2007

EU - Bowing to Mecca

The EU is on the brink of turning into small city-states bowing to Mecca. And excellent commentary by Paul Belien points to the growing un-rest and the disparity between the political leaders and the "indigenous" citizens of Europe. Bowing to the Islamists speaks of many issues but two glaring differences exist between the EU and the United States of America, although our Congressional leaders along with the White House have shredded the US Constitution, read more. So far, we have the First Amendment with its freedom of speech (I mean "Piss Christ" art, for God's sake) and we have the Second Amendment - the right to bear arms to protect ourselves. Although Congress is working mightily to enact "hate-speech" laws that would enshrine Islamists' hate-speech and enslave the rest of us from even discussing Islam for any reason, "We the people" are not quite ready to go peacefully into that "good night" of slavery.


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