Sunday, August 12, 2007

South Carolina "terrorist" pipe-bomber plot linked to Sami Al-Arian Investigation

From Dan at Riehl World View, SC 2 Linked to Sami Al-Arian Investigation. If you recall, Sami Al-Arian is the University of Southern Florida fella who was helping the terrorists with funding, right? It is a relief to know that the two accused Middle Eastern engineering students here on student visas now have their copies of the Koran and their prayer rugs provided by CAIR as if these would-be terrorist bombers are somehow "political" prisoners. They are political prisoners in a way but that is prisoners of what is called "political" Islam. There are just too many Islams to keep track of: we have "spiritual" Islam; we have "political" Islam; we have "societal" Islam; we have moderate Muslims; we have Islamists; we have violent Islamic terrorists; we have Wahhabism and Salafism; we have "islamofascism"; and we have Islamic fundamentalism. We are just overwhelmed with Islamisms everywhere we look. To me it's really simple: all practitioners of Islam who want to kill infidels and apostates, step forward. But wait, they are doing that... Silly, silly me! Yep, just keep on giving out those student visas to men from the Middle East and don't forget to review your copy of Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America. Check off Islamist accomplishments such as making someone like Representative John Conyers the lackey to Islamist groups. Aren't we Americans too smart to let this happen or are we too divided through dis-information and a weakened, as in not well-educated, citizenry? Can your high school graduate read his diploma? Can your high school graduate write a simple cover letter to a job application?

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Blogger falcon_01 said...

I'd love to see raids on the terrorist compounds. I'd love to see the illegals and terrorists sent home so our country could be safe again. Since the government doesn't seem interested in the long term safety of this country, I suggest the average American citizen exercise their right to bear arms. ALWAYS. We have reports that they train with firearms, so more of us should be training as well!

Buy whatever you can while you can because that might be all standing between you and someone wanting to kill you.

I suggest that people living in "target areas" each own a gas mask. If the terrorists strike, you will be ready.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Falcon - gas mask - good idea! What I loved about New Mexico when I lived there was all those survivalists.

1:41 PM  

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