Saturday, August 11, 2007

Musharraf to meet with Afghan leaders while gunships pound Taliban

According to the news, Pakistan's Musharraf to attend Afghan Tribal meeting (Update 1), Musharraf is to meet with Afghan's president and to address the Afghan Tribal leaders. In the meantime, Gunships pound Taliban Hideouts. To me, Musharraf must be the man to "call the shots" in Pakistan. He is the man to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of al-Qaeda terrorists or out of the hands of any terrorists including the Taliban. To put it simply, if the Taliban or al-Qaeda terrorists get control of nuclear weapons in Pakistan, then "pre-emptive" strike may take longer to say than for us to do. Today, we beat our breasts if one person is harmed as "collateral damage." Yes, a displeasing word and unfortunate, but if Pakistan's nuclear weapons fall into the hands of the Taliban or al-Qaeda, meaning Musharraf would no longer be in control, all bets are off and the United States would then simply have to destroy the nuclear weapons under terrorists' control. We simply cannot "negotiate" with Islamic terrorists who hold the world hostage with oil today (the ones spreading Wahhabism in the US) and would hold the world hostage with nuclear weapons tomorrow. So buck up; do what has to be done. Islam does not preach "do unto others as you would have done unto you." Islam preaches, "kill the infidels." The Taliban and al-Qaeda folks don't want to negotiate. If they can get nuclear weapons, they want to use them - on us - all of us - black, white, latino, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, and, yes, even Scientologists.

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