Friday, July 13, 2007

Musharraf tough on terrorists; Western nations open borders and wait!

I totally accept that the Islamic terrorists from al Qaeda to any other group want to attack all of us in the West. I'll admit that I am surprised to learn that England, Britain, is the hot-bed of international terrorist organizations waging jihad across the globe. I was surprised to read an analysis of the Murder Rates of Brit natives to non-Brits in Britain, here. Excellent analysis although all readers may not agree. My knowlegde of history in India and Pakistan is woefully inept. Searching over at the World Factbook, I find that in the partitioning frenzy that accompanied Britain's withdrawal from former British Colonies, what is Pakistan today was part of India until 1947, then Bangladesh was "born" in 1971. And in 2007, Pakistan had 1/2 the population of the United States. Following the Red Mosque incident, today, the jailed cleric bother of the dead used his time at the funeral to morph into a "denunciation of the government" and called for an "Islamic revolution." President Musharraf "went on national television to vow that his government will crush extremists across the country and move strongly against religious schools like those at the Red Mosque that breed them." Musharraf has a point - have your "religious" freedom but don't abuse that "freedom" to call for "revolution". Of course, perhaps Musharraf has a closer knowledge of the Islamist threat than our Western politicans do, having survived numerous assination attacks. In the West, the United States more specifically now that Chertoff has a "gut feeling" - Lord knows that just makes me tingly with warm fuzzies at the depth of knowledge of our Homeland Security gurus - we all know what Katherine Shrader reports, Al-Qaida works to plant U.S. operatives. Well, of course they are. We have no idea how many "terrorists" are among our 12 - 20,000,000 illegal aliens. For a perspective, England's population today is approximately 60,000,000. One of points in the draft National Intelligence Estimate states: "The U.S. will face 'a persistent and evolving terrorist threat' within its borders over the next three years. The main danger comes from Islamic terrorist groups, especially al-Qaida, and is 'driven by the undimished intent to attack the homeland and a continued effort by terrorist groups to adapt and improve their capabilities.'" Wouldn't it be nice if we started going after mosques and their affiliated "schools" or Islamic centers that are funded by Saudi money to spread Wahhabism? Political Islam is NOT a religion. "Moderate" Muslims in the United States must make their voices heard. My greatest fear is that nations such as Britain may find themselves in a civil war if native Brits feel dangerously threatened and many peaceful Muslims, Hindus, and others who do want to co-exist as Brits under the flag and the secular laws of Britain will be caught up and become the real tragedy of Islamic aggression against the West. As I mention at the head of my blog, our US Constitution is not a suicide pact. Somehow, we citizens together must end this "politically correct multiculturalism" madness. People of different ethnic groups can and do live peacefully together. But they forge a unique culture. To me, it is very sad to see the unique American culture caving in upon itself just as we were really seeming to get a handle on this "unique" culture we have based on individual rights and responsibilities, not group rights at the expense of the whole. We'll prevail. Just don't know what it will take for our leaders to get kicked in the bottom with good shoe leather to get their attention. Amnesty for 12 to 20,000,000 is insanity and it is a battle we must wage every year, that's right, every single year. We have the Patriot Act and RICO statutes that could close down Islamist terrorist training centers. We have the laws to stop the funding of insurrection on our soil by Middle Eastern nation(s). I can't get a "gas credit card" unless some lady in India can get info up to and including my bra size. Following a trip to Texas, I'm probably on a "watch list" because I got horse manure on my boots and that showed up as nitrogen or a friend who takes nitroglycerin for heart problems gave me a poster which probably had "transfer" from his hands. Who knows? I know I'm in some computer database for that. Just what will it take for us to stop letting the Islamists run circles around us and tie us up in our own laws?

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