Tuesday, July 10, 2007

al Qaeda, US military coming to dinner, bringing "pot luck"

As al Qaeda seems partial to "pot luck" dinners to coerce families who don't want to go along with al Qaeda's plans, it seems only fitting and fair that the United States Air Force come to dinner and bring the main course. Pig entrails and pig-blood wine! You want this sectarian violence over? You want the War in Iraq to end? Carpet bomb terrorist hideouts in Iraq with pig guts! Send the word out to all US meat packing companies, "We need the blood, guts, and gore resulting from the slaughter of animals, exclusively pigs in this case, sent to the USAF in Iraq." Under refrigeration, of course. If we want to, we can leaflet the areas where we know al Qaeda and other "terrorist" groups hide out - to be fair - and to protect from any collateral "damage". "The region from "x" to "y" will be bombed with pig guts and gore throughout the month of "pick the month." Personally, I think that would spoil the surprise... The parents of the "roasted" boy were undoubtedly surprised and appropriately cowed. Then commence dropping the "pig gut" bombs. Think of it as kids dropping water balloons from the 15th floor balcony onto unsuspecting folks walking below. It would be fun; it would get a few folks to pay attention that we are serious about stabilizing Iraq and not placating "terrorists"; and it would get rid of waste from our animal slaughter houses. I know, sophomoric, Beach Girl! Really? Well, essentially the same tactic worked for General "Black Jack" Pershing in the Phillipines. He ended Islamic terrorism for decades. All he did was have the murdering terrorists tied to poles, had graves dug in front of the poles, had the graves filled with pig guts. Gave the order to "Fire", as in execute the murdering terrorist bastards, and had their bodies cut loose to fall into the awaiting bloody grave. But then our Senatorial "leaders" are appeasers these days and we are fighting a "kinder, gentler" war. Deep-six S.1545! S.1545, Iraq Study Group Recommendations Implementation of 2007. Remember this one, the Iraq Surrender Retreat Plan. God love our military men and women. Just turn them loose to do their jobs; then they can bring themselves home when they have completed their mission, as only they can. Have a little faith and let the pig-guts fly!

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Blogger falcon_01 said...

This is EXACTLY the sort of warfare we need to wage. The only thing they understand is demonstrations of strength and weakness. After all, everything is Allah's will, right? LMAO!!!

I'm hoping to get everyone to desecrate a terrorist flag from Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, and post pics/vids... my thought is sliding it under your pet at the right time. ;-)

I'll have to go edit my blog post to include smearing flags with pork! Thanks for being an inspiration!

1:42 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I know - a bit over the top! I don't recommend desecrating any flags of nations but those of terrorist groups would seem okay.

6:13 PM  

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