Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beach Burst - 7/11/07 - Mohammed in the News

At first blush, I must say CAIR and other very thin-skinned Islamists in the US need to get over it and to get a life. Not every cartoon is an "insult" to Islam, for goodness sake. Political cartoonists in America have a rich and long tradition at making fun of all of us - Christian, Jew, any and all politicians, and now, late-to-the-party, comes your turn. Maybe things would be different if the cartoonist did not find such a rich field to mine - like stop blowing people up and stop trying to get nukes! And, oh-by-the-way, stop recruiting doctors and engineers. We know they can't balance a checkbook; now we know they aren't working with a full deck in other areas as well. H/T to Larwyn and her grand e-mails. This lady is a data-mining expert and certainly should be hired by the CIA or NSA for starters. First by Art Moore we have: What would Mohammed drive?. I would suggest that "Mohammed" here does not necessarily refer to the "prophet" of the "religion of peace" as the second most popular name for newborns in England is - yep - Mohammed. With a H/T for Wretchard at The Belmont Club, Inside New Temple of Mysteries, we find Osama's Army of Doctors, Engineers, a guest commentary by Ed Husain. And no one is safe in the "religion of peace" as Atlas Shrugs' Pamela points out, Clitoris Cutting, London Calling where, with pithy and accurate comments, she links to Female circumcision a problem in Britain. New addition: From The American Israeli Patriot, Torture at Muslim "Rehabilitation" Centers?. Can anyone say, Mao's Little Red Book and indoctrination camps? And for those seeking same-sex marriages, travel advisory - stay away from Iran where I was surprised to learn that men do get stoned to death. I thought that was sport only carried out against women but not so, Executions are underway in Iran for Adultery and Other Violations. Note to the sensitive reader: "other violations" is code for men having unlawful carnal knowledge of each other. (I guess Gay Pride week wouldn't go over very well in Iran. Keep supporting your far-leftists, boys and girls. Their appeasement could be hazardous to your health.) Alas, the more litigious groups like CAIR become, the more the rest of us will see them and their "making victims" of Muslims for what they are: "Johnny-come-latelies" using a very old playbook. The worst thing that can happen to Muslims in America is to be seen by the general public as whining victims. Being Muslim carries enough baggage what with all the bombings and such but don't yourselves be labeled as "whining victims." As a serious question: Why are Western nations allowing any migration from Islamic nations? With our current relationship with England, it should be a simple matter for any Islamist to hang out there for a bit, get a British passport, and "come on over." To me, there is a difference between "racism" and prudent, intelligent decision making. As long as the Islamists are giving all Muslims a bad name and calling them all into suspicion, why aren't we putting a moratorium on immigration from Islamic nations? We've had moratoriums on all immigration before. Why not now? At least until we get it all sorted out. It is good to see Chertoff weighing in on the increased threats, yada, yada, yada. Secure our freaking border, Mike, then maybe we'll believe you, a little. Next attack on our soil is on your hands and on the hands of all elected folks who are for open borders and amnesty. No need to list them - we know them well...

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Blogger Jay Tuch said...

Logo is all yours Beach Girl!!

9:59 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you! Now just have to figure out how to get it in template.

Like your blog - just left a comment. Not Jewish but I defend Israel and pray they will get a good, tough, take-no-prisoners PM/President.

I really think the Western leadership is in denial and still thinking they can talk the Jihadists to "death."

2:53 PM  

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