Saturday, July 14, 2007

Musharraf sending troops to deal with terrorists

From Alamgier Bhittani and Zulfiqar Ali, Operation likely in tribal areas: "TANK/PESHAWAR, July 12: The army started deploying troops in NWFP’s southern districts, adjoining the Waziristan region, amid reports that an operation to curb militancy and extremism was imminent...Security officials said that two army divisions were being deployed in the NWFP and tribal areas...Local Taliban expressed resentment over the troops’ redeployment in North Waziristan. They asked the government to pull troops back by July 15...Militants’ spokesman Abdullah Farhad accused the government of violating the peace agreement signed on September 5, 2006, under which it had to withdraw all troops." Perhaps we, the people, need to be paying a bit more attention to what is going on in Pakistan. Musharraf seems to be poised to go after the militant Islamic extremists - tribes in the region that borders Afghanistan - and he seems serious about it. Pakistan is a nation fighting for its survival. Some may argue in their elitist Left-Liberal way that a "military" government is bad. I say, we the US have backed the wrong folks and look what it has gotten us. Cuba comes to mind. We are backing Musharraf. Let's see how that works. Musharraf has his hands full but I think he can handle the situation. If he doesn't handle it, he'll need a very fast plane out of town. If he doesn't handle the Islamic terrorists, al-Qaeda, tribes or whatever, we'll have a bigger problem: militant, deadly Islamist terrorists with nukes surrounded by Afghanistan, Iran, India, with an assorted group of "stans" to the north. Musharraf must clean out that hornet's nest and while he's at it, clean out the radical Islamist mosques and their "training" centers as well. And he is not alone in his efforts. In America, we have this "freedom of religion" thing going for us. It means "freedom of religion"; it does not mean "freedom to spread violent Islamist ideology" among us whose followers are working to destroy us and our way of life. In the House of Representatives on Capital Hill, those boys and girls have been busy with bills such as H.R. 1592, Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Protection Act of 2007 (under the 110th Congress). The bill has been sent to the Senate. How was 9/11 for a "hate crime"?


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