Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Terrorists victory in US Senate

NumbersUSA has vote information now: Senate vote and A "yes" vote = amnesty And then, due to the virtues of Sitemeter, I found Open Congress on S.1639. Lou Dobbs gave a speech recently where he likens what has just happened in our Senate and pushed by our President smacks of a "tyranny" even Putin would envy. No scurtiny, no committe sessions to craft and review the bill, no cost assessments of the impact the bill will have on America. He speaks of the "tyranny" that has settled over America. A note on tyranny: A friend pointed out to me that since 1986, two families have controlled the White House. The families are Bush and Clinton. That is 20 years under the Bush-Clinton-Bush team. With all the boys belonging to Skull and Bones, they'll step aside now for the person who wears the pants in the Clinton family, subjecting us to 8 more years. Just in time for George P. Bush, nephew of George W. Bush, to be ready to sweep into the White House. I know the Senate has still to vote on S.1639, Unaccompanied Alien Child Protection Act of 2007 and then the House will be beaten into submission. It is a sad day for us, the American people. The terrorists won; His Majesty and His Court won; and we have been spit upon. No debate, no discussion in committee, gameover! We'll see what you say about it all in Nov. 2008.

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