Monday, June 25, 2007

Ace of Spades: a YES vote on cloture is a vote FOR amnesty

From Ace: "A Vote For Cloture Is A Vote For Amnesty". For any confused souls such as myself, cloture means: "Shut the hell up! Discussion over!" A total of 51 Senators seem committed to vote YES - to end debate and give the President what he wants and the hell with the American people. It gets all confusing to me - Beach Girl - but the long and short of it is: a "YES" on cloture is a vote for amnesty; it is a vote to end debate before the debate even begins and "rumor" has it that Harry Reid will push this bill through the Senate even to the point of using a procedure to end debate in the "greatest deliberative body on earth." Senator Reid, single-handedly, will end "freedom of speech" even in the Senate of the United States. To hear how it really is, check out Ace at his post, Boxer Email: Yes To Cloture?. Could Boxer really vote against this amnesty bill to protect labor in her state? Stay tuned, we'll know tomorrow. And then: a Boxer follow-up, California Dreamin': Rumor Has It Boxer Will Vote No, Partly To Appease Labor, Partly To Deny Bush His Victory This is hot and we, the people, are too. Some Senators not taking any calls: Burr's Lines Are Jammed, But Gregg's Taking Calls Ace recommends the Special Pro-Amnesty Hotline which is up and running and we can use it too to say NO: Use Special Pro-Amnesty Hotline To Give Burr, Gregg, And The Rest Of The Gang A Little Bit of Love - can't you feel the love! Burr to vote FOR amnesty and AGAINST labor, Burr To Vote Yes On Cloture Read the rest at Ace of Spades HQ. This vote is the end of the line for the issue in the Senate, then it is on to the House of Representatives. The point is simple: 80% of the American people are dead-set against this bill and the Senate along with the President are chuckling and saying, "F**K you! Now watch this..." Any Senator voting YES, needs to be sent packing come their next election bid. Let's keep track!


Blogger MK said...

Oh damn BG, there i was thinking this thing had been blown out of the water and that was the end of it.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

MK - no such chance. Somehow, Dubya seems to have a Messianic complex in terms of knowing better than 80% - that is 80% of our entire adult population - all ethnicities included as Hispanics are around 45 - 50 million out of 300 million total pop. Let's just say 1/2 of the 300 mil. are adults with 25 mil. being Hispanic, 20 mil being black, the rest of us a mix.

I really don't know what W. is thinking. Did you happen to read my post "Amnesty is insanity..." and "Immigration and Terrorists in the US..."? You might like them. I have finally connected the dots and I'm NOT in the CIA, the FBI, or any other alphabet agency. Go figure!

We lock up the Border Patrol agents and give drug smugglers immunity to testify against the BP agents. Don't have to be "down under" to be upside down in the USA today.

We'll see what happens tomorrow/er/today.

12:18 AM  

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