Tuesday, June 26, 2007

S.1639 - no ALIEN child left behind

Ya gotta love these guys for their chicanery and duplicity. First it was the Bush-Kennedy "No child left behind" bill and now, you guessed it, it's the Bush-Kennedy-Specter "No alien child left behind" bill. Anyone heard the name of S. 1639 - the "new and improved" immigration bill. Well, here it is sponsored by Teddy Kennedy (MA) and the esteemed Arlen "abort 'em all" Specter (R-PA): S. 1639, Unaccompanied Alien Child Protection Act of 2007 found here. I kid you not. The "unaccompained alien child protection act" as though children would have crossed the border unaccompanied. Maybe they're "protecting kids from pedophiles". No, that can't be right. This bill gives amnesty to illegal alien child-molesters. Well, maybe it's protecting kids from R-rated movies. Naw... The kids are being "protected" from - what - our laws! Amendments for S.1639 number 65 but few will be discussed or ever see the light of day for that matter. Using the "clay peigon" approach, Harry Reid will dictate which amendments will reach the floor for debate; hence, the final vote on Thursday. Of these amendments, the statesman, Senator Jeff Sessions, from Alabama has submitted 27 of the amendments. Don't expect many crumbs to be thrown his way. He has fought S. 1348 to the trenches. And all he asked was that the bill, S.1348 be taken to committee and follow the Constitutional process instead of the back room dealing of the "grand bargainers." Would that our esteemed Senators loved the American people 1/10th as much as they love the chldren of illegal aliens and the adult illegal alien terrorists among them.


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