Monday, May 21, 2007

War to overthrow America - raging now!

The war to overthrow America is raging now! Yes, Virginia, in your own backyard or frontyard. But is raging and well into its middle stages - and no one told us or invited us, American citizens - to the battle. Looking at my post, Waco Rules vs. Romanian Rules: a look at the abuse of government power, gives you the lead-in to what I see as the war to overthrow America, to overthrow the United States of America. But the abuse of government power goes farther than America as we know. Aside from the fact that our own government is working mightily to destroy the cohesion of our nation and to end our national sovereignty, both Mexico and Saudi Arabia are fighting for a much bigger prize - the take-over of the United States of America. Of course, Saudi Arabia has got a bigger fish to fry in "taking over the world" or most of it which I'll get to in a moment. Mexico and the overthrow of America, these writers and links may lead you to more links, especially Outraged On the issue of national sovereignty, we have Michelle Malkin's, The bigger "F**k you!" [H/T to Ronbosoldier at American Republic: "F**k you," says President Bush! in The Freedom Fighter's Journal.] For more on the destruction of America, see Outraged with their H/T to Tim Donnelly for his news story, Mobile consulate to offer ID cards to Mexican nationals living in Lowcountry with the help of a Mobile Mexican Consulate much like a Mobile Library but in this one you don't get to check out books, you get documentation papers, all sorts of ID so that you can go about establishing yourself in the US. And then there is Brian Darling's piece, Bordering on Insantiy regarding the sellout on immigration and the sellout of this nation by Putin - whoops, I mean - Bush, McCain, and Ted Kennedy aided by these equally fine supporters of American sovereignty, Senator Arlene "The Magic Bullet" Specter, R-PA and poor, misguided Senator Jon Kyl, R-Arizona. [And these Republicans don't deserve to be kicked out.] No wonder Bush supported Specter against the up and coming Republican rival to Specter's last campaign - it wasn't abortion, it was AMNESTY. Now we turn to Saudia Arabia. Saudi Arabia and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of North America - after the NAFTA highway is finished and Mexico, Canada, and America are no more. These links - although I am loath to give them out - do give you information about the extent of the spread of Islam throughout the United States and the World: Islam - Find a Mosque Directory of Arabic Christian Churches Islamic Finder Right now, at this moment, a war is being waged on our soil for the overthrow of the American government - waged by Islamist Saudi Arabia and Mexico, aided and supported by our current administration and our Congress - both, by God, houses. I could shake my tiny fist and in the last act of defiance shout, "God damn you all!" Well, I've done that in other posts. What I want you to do, for me and for us, is to look at the distractions that are taking our attention away from the absolute war for our nation: the culture war, the war in Iraq - worthy of our efforts, I'm sure but not at the expense of our own nation's capitulation right here at home. Also, please take the time to visit one of the Islamic Mosque Finders and search first in your locality for mosques, schools - they may or may not be identified as Wahhabi - then pick a nation and see how Saudi Arabia is influencing world politics, funding organizations such as CAIR in America, and establishing Muslim communities throughout all of South America, Central America, and Latin America. Western Civilization is in a battle for its life and we don't even seem to know it. Think about the "integrated plant operations" I mentioned in Waco Rules vs. Romanian Rules: a look at the abuse of government power and when you look at the news or read the news, take a second and really ponder the "integrated operations" that are being waged against us, me and you. When do we have to start taking David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh seriously? It is never too late but the time is shortening. Guest Editorial: "Resistance is futile": Waco Rules vs. Romanian Rules Many bloggers and newspaper columnists/editorial writers have been shouting the same things on their various subjects. I only ask that you see it all in a much bigger light. It is said that the biggest feat Satan pulled off was to convince the world that he does not exist. Perhaps the biggest feat of the "modern-day" leaders of Islam have pulled off is to convince the world that Islam is a religion.


Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

I'm not much of a theology major, but I honestly believe that Islam is the antichrist in itself.

Aside from the fact that our own government is working mightily to destroy the cohesion of our nation and to end our national sovereignty..

I'm glad to hear that you are in the same beliefs as I am!

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say yes to SCJS!

It bothers me that our elected vandals can't seem to articulate what 'American' means. The give sober looks, use words like 'freedom', 'democracy', and 'rights'. But what does it all mean? Nothing but fluff.

Are they afraid to utter any truth that will show our neighbor Mexico to be the immigration hypocrite it is? Their immigration laws are far worse. Their government and business is corrupt. They'd rather send illegal immigrants to the U.S., so they can send back billions of dollars to float their crooked economies.
Why are American politicians afraid to call Saudi Arabia on the export of a perverse ideology, that is causes and encourages violence and oppresion everywhere it goes?
We need American leaders who aren't afraid to say the American way is the rule of law based on absolute truths, not by politically correct 'law du jour'. The counter-jihad, is the one that says, "Don't tread on me. Don't send or fund fifth column Islamic revolutionaries, and don't piss us off, because the big stick we carry isn't for walking."

I'm not anonymous. I'm Westwind.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, we are many of us of the same mind. Steve, I live right at the beach. Let me know the time, date, place of concert. I won't post. Leaving comment here is quickest way to reach me. Thank you.

Westwind - please leave your link.

Thank you.

9:50 AM  

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