Saturday, May 19, 2007

From Britain with biting wit and satire - The Trouble with Islam

Now, I didn't make that up - The Trouble with Islam is a "film" found at The Trouble with Islam. I had difficulty with the video but finding the site is worth its weight in gold. My computer or the programs I have made it difficult to watch with the stopping and starting for "buffering" et al but it is worth the time it takes to watch. And watch it quick you must. I must say the gentleman is a "cheeky" fellow from a brief review of the titles to his videos and must warn you that he tosses fun and ridicule at each and everyone of us, no one is safe from his barbs and jabs. But this humor, this seeing the funny side of ourselves and our idiosyncracies is one attribute that has made America for one a great nation. We unfailingly make fun of the Irish, the Brits, the blue-bloods among us, our Founding Fathers even do not escape our humor; and when we were allowed in the days of national unity before the "apartheid" of diversity and political correctness set in, we made jolly good of ourselves and each other - before we developed thin skins, skins so thin as to tear at even the hint of - gasp - insult. Before we were made of sterner stuff when we had humor as well as gentility, ie, manners. So, enjoy the satirist and know that no one escapes his sharp and biting tongue... No need to agree with him; just enjoy. A tad of humility never hurt any great nation or its people. I tried to write down some of the audio, transcribe it as it were because of all of the starts and stops. It begins like this, "...ironic to me that the very people who have made no attempt to think for themselves are demanding respect for their ideas...But because we live in a liberal country and have certain double standards to maintain any mention or criticism of Islam or Muslims is called islamophobia, a dishonest word...when the truth is that Islam has a chip on its shoulder the size of a mosque..." When speaking of the bombings and blowing people up, the great writer in the video says, "yet curiously you never hear about any of these enthusiastic clerics blowing themselves up for the glory of God - they are keen to delegate that particular honor despite the guarantee of all those lucious virgins waiting there in heaven..." "But," the writer ends, "I don't want be too harsh on Islam for two reasons:..." I'll leave it to you to visit the site and enjoy the presentation. Watch it quick. One can never tell how long it will be allowed; we Western cultures do have those "double standards" to uphold. Peace be upon you... Goodnight and have a great Sunday. Ever vigilant! Ever free!


Anonymous najistani said...

Continued criticism and ridicule of Islam and its perverted founder are essential if we are ever going to eradicate this loathsome meme, or at least reduce it to manageable proportions

Unlike real religions, Islam is an all-or-nothing cult, there is no room for individual conscience or interpretation, or for give and take with other religions (except when we give and they take).

A Muslim MUST believe that the entire Koran is the literal word of God, commanding believers how to behave (including such obsessive-compulsive trivialities as how to wipe your butt, as well as the more disturbing instructions to subjugate and kill unbelievers ).

Not only that, but a Muslim MUST believe that God entrusted His final message to mankind (Mohammed being the 'seal of the prophets') into the care of a violent, sadistic bandit with a depraved lust for little girls.

But, if the Koran is not the word of the creator of the universe then what is it? The ravings of a madman? A scam? A cynical and destructive exercise in memetic engineering ? A rapist's, extortionist's and pedophile's charter?

The whole festering, stinking structure of Islam is based firstly on the trustworthiness of a pedophile (and pedophiles are notoriously deceitful confidence tricksters both to children and often also to their gullible parents).

Secondly it is based upon the supposed divine origin of a hate-manual consisting of Jewish and Christian scriptures which have been misunderstood, mangled and corrupted and then liberally mixed with Mohammed's venomous rantings. The koran is full of internal inconsistencies and irrationality, including some very bizarre cosmology.

So if Islam is a barbarous, irrational load of vomit spewed up by an ignorant vicious pervert, why has it lasted to the present day?

The answer is that Islam produces and justifies a self-perpetuating totalitarian power-structure - a power-structure that extends from the level of the oppressive and often murderous Muslim family all the way up to national politics, where power rests in the hands of whichever Mullahs can rouse the biggest mobs of psychopathic fanatics.

In order to maintain this power structure, the the cult must be placed beyond criticism. In practice this requires that all rational examination of the Koran and the 'Prophet' be stifled. This has been done very effectively in Muslim countries where insulting the 'Prophet' or desecrating the Koran carries a death sentence.

The Muslims are now trying to place their cult beyond criticism in the west by a variety of means such as:

- Murder (eg Theo van Gogh)
- Threats of murder (eg Salman Rushie)
- Riots (Motoons)
- Multiculturalism (all cultures are equally valid no matter how savage, belligerant, destructive or irrational)
- Post-colonial guilt (Poor muslim victims! We mustn't upset them or hurt their feelings any further)
- Infiltration and intimidation of universities.
- Use of petrodollars to buy media and bribe academic institutions.
- Weasel words such as 'Islamophobia' and 'Respect'. Anyone who does not respect Islam is an Islamophobe, which by clever manipulation has come to be synonymous with 'racist bigot'. So nowadays the PC dhimmis often speak of 'anti-Islamic racism' or 'anti-Muslim racism', ignoring the obvious fact that being a Muslim is not genetically determined, but results from being infected with a parasitic mind-virus (meme) and brainwashed by obsessive-compulsive rituals from an early age.

We kaffirs must keep up the attacks on all Islam's weak points. Like a vampire, Islam feeds on blood and abhors the sign of the cross. Like a vampire it exults in death and flourishes in the darkness of ignorance. However it cannot withstand the light of truth. Shine enough daylight on Islam and and like a vampire it will collapse into a pile of 1400 year old dust.

6:42 AM  

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