Monday, May 21, 2007

Waco Rules vs. Romanian Rules: a look at the abuse of government power

David Codrea of War on Guns has just published a masterful article by Mike Vanderboegh entitled Guest Editorial: "Resistance is Futile": Waco Rules vs. Romanian Rules. The post is a must read and it deals specifically with the ways "armed" resistance have been altered since the era of the Clintons. It is especially important with the potential advent of a Hill Clinton in the White House. Whereas Bill Clinton is savvy enough to back down or use dis-information to take a step back, Hill Clinton does not have that intuitive savvy. So, could there be a "bigger" Waco if any of us get out of line under her spiked heel? David focuses his blog on the important aspects of the War on Guns. I tend to jump around a bit and delve into the spread of Islam and the invasion from Mexico with a few jabs here and there at politicians which would hardly be worth the trouble except that they do control our lives more every day. I also tend to see things in an "integrated plant operations" sort of way. Within the nuclear electricity generating area, 80 or more systems make up the construction of a nuclear power plant. There are engineers and technicians and procedures for each and every system independently but - to me the most interesting part is the field of the nuclear operations department because they work with "integrated plant operations" - how these systems work to support each other and the operation of the nuclear power plant. While some folks may be specialists of a given system, nuclear operators are "masters of the entire system." Mike Vanderboegh's article was so impressive to me because it got me to thinking of the over-all "war to overthrow" the United States of America and is going on violently in some areas and more cunningly in others but make no mistake there is a war going on for America, especially, and for the world generally. More...


Blogger Col. B. Bunny said...

Error in your link. Should be:

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Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, Col. B. Fixed the link. I had been in a hurry and typed in a period instead of the forward slash. thank you.

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