Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Rev. Jerry Falwell - Rest in Peace

Love him or hate him, people didn't seem to have more than two ways to look at the late Rev. Jerry Falwell. He was a man of principle during an "unprincipled" time of leaders who twist as the wind blows; He was a man of dedication and loyalty to his beliefs who established a university that will live long after him and carry on the training of principled young men and women who will live by the "Golden Rule", doing good and not harm; and He died as we could only hope to pass on, at his desk, working and doing what he loved. So, love him or hate him, mock him or mourn his loss, you can't rob him of his integrity, you may envy his integrity and mock him for what you see lacking in yourself; and, Right or wrong, he was man enough to admit mistakes and to look for the good in us all. To the Reverend Jerry Falwell, rest in peace.


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