Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Christophobia virus nearing pandemic levels

For several years we have been warned of the Bird Flu threatening to reach levels of the Swine Flu Pandemic of 1918 - wiping us all out. This blogger in no way intends to make light of the Pandemic of 1918. But the Christophobia Virus also mutating into the nearly indistinguishable Anglophobia Virus is reaching into once safe, stabilized regions of the planet and destabilizing is what I would call torching 9-10,000 cars in France a bit destabilizing. Now, no region is safe; no region can escape the insidious nature of the Christophobia Virus or its nearly identical cousin, the Anglophobia Virus. As a pathology, the viruses are deadly - those not killed outright in the 8,313 Islamist terrorist attacks to date since 9/11/01 are being overwhelmed or overthrown, forced into "submission" and inferiority-status through lawsuits or the threats of lawsuits and extortion threats or coups such as in Thailand. A "phobia" can be defined as a fear or a hatred. In the case of the Christophobia Virus, it is characterized by an inherent hatred, or a hatred instilled at birth. The virus appears to be centralized or localized within the community of the so-called "religion of peace." See my posts on CAIR or see anything at the Gates of Vienna or the other sites I have listed in the sidebar or in "Islamophobia - my ass!" for more references to this pathogen than you'll be able to read in a lifetime. You'll be wearing a burka before you get the reading done so best to download and print it out before the heavy hand of the virus makes "freedom of speech" a moot point. But - alas - reading about the Christophobia Virus or the Anglophobia Virus will not protect you from its paralyzing effects. The only known cure or "anti-virus" is common sense, a strong indomitable will to maintain the "host" culture, nation, community under attack or assault is to have people in positions of power with gonads, aka balls slam-packed with testosterone who are willing to shred the "tenets of political correctness" and spit in the face of Islamofacism, not bow to it. US Corporations, CAIR, and the Islamification of America for more discussion. I cannot say whether or not every Muslim is infected with Christophobia or Anglophobia but the carriers are typically Islamists. Because the Qur'an calls for lying to non-Muslims, you see the sticky situation in trying to give the benefit of the doubt to "moderate" Muslims. This is the way the viruses work in America: in America, approximately 2% or 7,000,000 folks in the population are Islamic. I don't know the % of Islamists but they are the ones driving the train, the bus, the taxi as it were - and the virus - hatred of Christians, Jews, all things secular - is spreading. Search The World Factbook to check on other nations. Let it be noted that the pandemic is not spread by the size or number of those infected. It is spread through capitulation to the few at the expense of the many. Authorities can talk about Bird Flu all they like but in that virus, we know what we're fighting and, though many of us would die, we'd know when the pandemic had burned itself out. Unless we stop the creeping encroachment of Islamofacism of which Mikko Ellila wrote along with hundreds of others trying to sound the alarm, the virus will never burn itself out until it sucks the life our of every nation on earth and you are forced beneath the shroud to bow and to submit, not to the Cult of Islam, but to your betters! That, my friends, is not Freedom! It is not equality! It is not "all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator..." It is tyranny under the skirts of, what?, a so-called religion. And that is why we infidels are pissed off at CAIR, at our castrated "leaders", and at everyone who acts like appeasement leads to a cure - in the echo of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?" Nope, Rodney - not when the goal is to put us under the yoke and whip of the Islamic Religious Police. [I did a bit of research on national demographics in The World Factbook. Nations classify their populations in very peculiar ways. Check Italy, Spain, France, Australia, the USA, Mexico, etc. I couldn't find Britain - don't know how I missed it.] Those with the Christophobia virus are lucky in the US because they have the atheists, the ACLU, and others to help them.


Blogger Beach Girl said...

Jamie, regarding your suggestion. Doing just fine, thanks.

You can have the yoke if you like, but for me and mine, we choose "Freedom" not submission. My loyalty is to the God in whom I believe and that's the One with the "Golden Rule".

Thanks for stopping by.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Douglas V. Gibbs said...

God first! And I am a firm believer in self-reliance!

10:06 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Amen, Douglas! I have caught a flu - again - but will recover soon.

10:25 AM  

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