Tuesday, May 15, 2007

US Corporations, CAIR and the Islamification of America

Several days ago, I linked to The Submission Train written and posted by Dymnpha on the accommodation the Dell Corporation has made to CAIR and Dell's Islamic/Muslim employees. The more I thought about Dymnpha's post, the more disgusted I got. CAIR is aided by the Liberal Left and corporations are caving in - foot-washing stations for one example, and now Dell to bring "religion" into the workplace. But don't be fooled - these are not Civil Rights cases equal to American blacks seeking equal opportunity of employment for whom the laws were written and passed. Nor should corporations fall prey to the under-the-table, implied threat of extortion or the preemption of their corporations by a select few. I have written, not yet posted, a piece on the Christophobia Virus and its close cousin, the Anglophobia Virus which are nearing pandemic levels. I'll get to that later. The crux of the piece is this:
Dell Corporation needed to spit in the face of "political correctness" and say, "You demand changes in our corporate culture to accommodate your "religious" practices - work someplace else. We've got a company to run." You see here's the trick, the wolf in sheep's clothing, the twist or distortion of our laws: We have laws that dictate that we won't discriminated in our hiring practices against a person - as in NOT employ a person - based on "race, creed, gender, age." We do not have laws that say we have to turn every corporation into a mosque, a temple, "the little church around the corner", or a bath house. Corporations have no laws ordering them to accommodate so-called "religious" practices that at their heart are designed to disrupt business in the work place and to institute "unequal treatment" among/between employees, making a select group of employees - those practicing Islam - superior to another group based on the canard of "religious" practice because these employees have to toddle off to special accommodations throughout the day to meet the demands of their "religion". This abuse or distortion by CAIR on behalf of Muslim employees flies in the face of our Civil Rights Act of 1964. In fact, the latter - unequal treatment - is what our Civil Rights Laws are designed to avoid. The law is that we cannot discriminate in hiring based upon race, gender, creed, or age. Corporations must not accept or honor Shari'a Law. They must honor the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. Fulfilling obligations under the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 and instituting Shari'a Law within their corporations are not the same thing. It is employees who are expected to check their "religious" practice at the door and when they accept the job offered to them by the company, they have to accommodate the corporate practice or they can turn down the job. At that point, employment or no employment is up to the individual once they've received the job offer. The Dell Case and the foot-washing, and the taxi drivers refusing to accept passengers on "religious" grounds are canards. These cases are designed to push the envelope and to bring our nation into submission to Islam.
There is nothing mysterious about the Islamification of America. Corporations do not have to "submit"; they only have to have equal opportunity in hiring. I'm positive corporations do not offer kosher food or kosher dining facilities and I know the employees of Jewish faith do not expect such "special" treatment. Shame on Dell. Shame on the airports in Kansas and Phoenix. Where are your $600.00 an hour lawyers who couldn't figure this out? God Bless America - because no one else is looking out for her! With the ACLU and the Liberal Left on the side of the Islamists and perhaps Saudi money calling the shots, and the men in America castrated - maybe we should all become MINOs - Muslim in name only - at least that would save us the tax on practicing another "religion" and we'd then get equal treatment in the work place. Shame on Dell. Played like a fool! I'm dropping them like a "hot rock."


Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

It is disgusting...the apologetics and pandering, that is. We've become a nation that is too concerned about what others might think. I would totally 100% be in support of mass deportations and the shutting down of all immigration. Enough is enough.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I'm with you - the sooner the better and close the mosques, the Muslim ministeries in our prisons, et al.

So GREAT to hear from you again!

10:35 AM  
Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

Thanks. I've been somewhat out of it lately due to the big move. The house is nice, but we have much work to do.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Glad all is getting better.

5:24 PM  

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