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Beach Burst - 5/12/2007 - Defending Western Civilization

Today, I thought I'd begin this Beach Burst with a partial comment from Douglas V. Gibbs of Political Pistachio who left this comment at CAIR and the Flying Imams, is it just a case of "jihad by lawsuit" or something more? Introduction, the first in a series of 4-5 posts.
"I still have trouble understanding why we must make special provisions for members of an enemy faction that desires our destruction, allow others to enter our country illegally because we are afraid to offend anyone, yet our very own citizens rights have diminished drastically as a result. Seems backward to me..."
Seems backwards to me too, Doug, so here are a few more posts describing just how backwards everything is in this western world that actually seems to "hate" itself and could do with a few "hate crimes" prosecutions leveled its way. Also, I have included links to activity in the non-violent counter-jihad movement. From Political Pistachio: "Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid" - Ronald Reagan; "When our freedom is challenged, Americans do not run," Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., June 15, 2006" and as amended by Beach Girl, "unless the Americans are Democrats of the Liberal Far-Left then they scurry like field mice." May 12, 2007 I am "new" to the Islamberg party but have included a few links for readers who may be new as well - the links put our need to be ever vigilant and to defend our culture in stark relief. Islamberg: Do a search on Islamberg suggested by Phil of Captain America at Political Pistachio. I did the search, there are 1,100 references but if you go to the first one - which is the home page - and scroll down to "NEXT" you'll get pictures and everything. Islamberg: At Islamberg in New York, you will also find great links to the Baron at Gates of Vienna. I recommend spending some time at this post and checking out links at the bottom. Fjordman, the Fjordman Report, and Fjordman Files: Fjordman posts now at the Gates of Vienna with his latest entry being: Communism for the 21st Century. Fjordman is an international "national treasure" resource whose work is planned and crucial. Please read and study his work. The Center for Vigilant Freedom: The UK and Scandinavia Counterjihad Summit. CVF is a Counter-Jihad Coalition established to "defend Western Civilization". See also: Uriasposten writes about anti-jihad Denmark there are hundred thousand Nihad Awads... to read what one practitioner of the religion of peace has to say about infidel women. Sorry, we don't run guns, and other corrections to Nyhedsavisens which contains a letter sent to correct a newspaper article repleat with incorrect information about the 910 Group. CAIR's Strategy to win the 6 Imams case: audio and transcripts. All of the transcripts I will be using in my series are at this link. Crucial to appreciating the use of "jihad by lawsuit" [which I did not coin] and the attempts being made by some Congressmen to protect passengers from lawsuits: please see Protecting "John Does". The bill is HR 1640, Rail and Public Transportation Security Act of 2007. And two blogs new to me with excellent links - some of which I have linked here and others I have not: In Northern Virginiastan, we find Low-Tech Terrorism. In Always on Watch Two, we find: Quite an Overreaction. When important links have been included in the posts I have linked here, I have not duplicated them - in most cases. I hope this post provides you with a resource for re-visiting selected links and blogs that provide endless updates about the subtle and not so subtle incursion of the march toward the islamification of the United States of America as well of the Western World.


Blogger Always On Watch Two said...

Beach Girl,
Thanks for the link!

CAIR pisses me off like no other organization. Why are they allowed to be here in the United States? And worse, now that the Dems are in control of our Congress, CAIR has even more power to promote their Wahhabist agenda. Ugh!

It comes to me now that I've been remiss in not adding you to my blogroll. I'll fix that oversight right now!

10:01 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thanks, Always - I need to spend a day or so adding a "new blogs" list to my sidebar. Did you read the CAIR and the Flying Imams post right below where you commented? Let me know if it is okay - it is first in a series.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous najistani said...

It seems to have become a knee-jerk reaction among Muslims, Marxists and their colleagues in academia and the MSM to dismiss any rational examination of Islam as 'Islamophobia'.

ISLAMOPHOBIA is a very confusing term because a 'phobia' is an irrational fear, whereas the civilized person's increasing apprehension about Islam is very definitely founded upon real threats to freedom, the rule of law and the rights of women and children to be free from sexual molestation.

ISLAMIC AWARENESS is a far more useful concept than Islamophobia. The eight components of Islamic awareness are:

1) Islam is monolithic, static and unresponsive to change. Islam is based on the Koran, a hate-filled rant written by a psychopathic pedophile which claims to be the 'Eternal Word of God'. If you are a Muslim you must accept the Koran without question, as the unchangeable and unchallengeable word of God. If you do not accept ALL of the koran (including the passages that incite murder, maiming and rape) then you are an apostate and other Muslims have a duty to kill you. Islam is monolithic, petrified and fossilized, and can never separate itself or progress from this barbaric 7th century text. Modernization (Bid'ah) is strictly forbidden "Every innovation is a misguidance and every misguidance goes to Hell fire."

2) Islam does not have values in common with other cultures, is not affected by them and does not influence them in any positive way. Islam is totally different from any other religion. There is no Golden Rule. There is no 'Thou Shalt not Kill', no requirement for truth. In fact killing (Jihad) and lying (Taqiyya) to further the expansion of Islam are regarded as virtues.

Those aspects of the cult which appear to imitate Judeo-Christianity are in fact a thin veneer covering vicious and evil barbarism. The pivot of islamic existence is an implacable hatred of the non-believer, which is taught from infancy. All the rest of the 'religion' revolves around this divinely decreed requirement to kill, maim, rape, subjugate, plunder and humiliate the infidel. Jews and Christians are pigs and apes. Islam has produced nothing of use or interest to other cultures for the last 500 years. Islam is a theocratic, pre-rational phase of social development which Europe left behind in the sixteenth century.

3) Islamic culture continues to be in all respects inferior to the West. It produces no artistic or scientific output of any significance. Islamic society is barbaric, irrational, primitive, tribal and sexist. Stonings, honor killings, use of women as possessions, institutionalised pedophilia, polygamy and illiteracy abound.

4) Islam is violent, and aggressive to its very core. The Koran advocates terrorism and Allah rewards those who kill infidels. Islam is engaged in a 1400 year old 'clash of civilisations' where all other cultures are regarded as 'Jahiliya' to be destroyed, censored and suppressed. The world is divided into Dar al-Harb and Dar-al-Islam. Dar al-Islam has bloody borders and is permanently at war with Dar al-Harb. This war does not just apply to the West. Anarchic failed states such Pakistan and Afghistan were once peaceful and prosperous Buddhist countries, but all traces of their Buddhist history have been eliminated. Pacifism is no protection against Islamic predation.

5) Islam is a political ideology as well as being an irrationalist cult , and is used for political advantage, often by cynical rulers who live as playboys in the fleshpots of Dar al-Harb. Although utterly irrational and oscurantist, Islam survives because it provides the justification for a medieval power structure where the priests are at the top, the Muslim male in the middle, and women and kaffirs at the bottom.

6) Muslims are continually criticising the West - moaning, whingeing, whining and complaining, even when they have chosen to come and live here. The are perpetually pleading for special treatment with alternating temper tantrums and threats of riots and terrorism interspersed with sulky infantile displays of victim status. They especially resent westerners applying modern standards of analysis to their protected 'victim culture'.

7) Uniquely among immigrants, Muslims refuse to fit in with the host society. Instead they expect the hosts to fit in with them. This causes real problems in employability as the employer can expect far greater numbers of lawsuits alleging discrimination etc from Muslim employees than from less 'victimised' groups.

Muslims also are a major security risk in sensitive occupations such as police, armed forces, airports etc. Their first loyalty is to the Ummah, not to their country (whose institutions and culture they hate).

8) Wariness about Muslims is natural and normal. These people really do want to kill us, plunder our property and rape and subjugate our children. The Koran tells them to do it and their role-model Mohammed set an example of divinely justified criminality which every Muslim endevors to follow.

So phobia my ass! Be afraid! Be VERY afraid!! You have good reason to be. The Koran is a psychopath's charter.

More islamic awareness at , ,
and ,

11:26 AM  

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