Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dems need modern nickname

Trying to come up with a new "name" for Democrats that will better reflect the much "wished for by Islamists" potential alignment with the Al Qaeda/terrorists folks - the jihadists and Islamists who are "dancin' in the streets" over their win. They will probably push the NAFTA, CAFTA, CrapTA trade agreements that are killing our industry and top it off with an increase in the minimum wage that will ensure our "new" citizens won't have those jobs "Americans" won't do anymore but will have social services. They will not open ANWAR to drilling; they will not approve the building of more refineries in the United States; and they will merrily let China remove "our" oil from the Gulf. They will join Europe by selling America to Iran through appeasement. So what's a good new nickname for the Dems. I was over at the Screw the UN blog and mentioned a few that attach Democrats more appropriately with their role of appeasement: Demhitudes. Demhislammes. Demhislaves. Demhiserves. But these catch the servitude and appeasement aspects of their nature. What word can catch the use to which al Qaeda, et al, and al Jazeera can put these "useful" folks to good purpose if given the chance? How about Demhicrats or Demhirats - too soon for that one. Jury is still out. But Demhicrats is good. You know it is. Then there is: Demhijads (for friends of Mad Jad); Demhiqys (not good with phonetics). Supposed to something that brings in the "ky" in Al Qaeda To be fair, (really difficult for me in this case since these folks may turn out to be like the last grasshoppers dancing and playing their 'impeachment' fiddle while what is left of Rome burns), I should give them a chance to see if they can take the threats facing our nation seriously or if they will let their hatred and their illusion of a mandate blind them. They may surprise me and appeal to their "better" angels (whoops, what is the secular word for angels) on behalf of America. Only the sands streaming through the hourglass will tell.


Blogger John Eyler said...

Okay Beach Girl I'll give it a couple of shots......
Al queda crackers....
Muslim lights....

6:40 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, John. I just won't be able to watch much news for two years. That might be a good thing.

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My demacratic other name would be DAMKRATS.

6:13 AM  

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