Saturday, September 23, 2006

Republicans volunteering up to Election Day

Good morning! Today may be a slow news day but it is a busy day for Republican volunteers, foot-soldiers, if you will. After a breakfast of our local Republican Party, we will gather our literature for our candidates and go through neighborhoods distributing info for them. We go in pairs or groups of three. Republican volunteers are just that - volunteers. Unless one works at the top of the campaign, the rest of us are volunteers. No pay to us. We get to pay and we love it. [I think Dems pay most of their "volunteers".] I'll admit to being naive but this voting stuff and working at the polls (outside) is really a rush. You get to see folks coming to vote; you get to see tiny elderly ladies with their walkers helping each other; you get to see parents taking their children into the voting places to see our democratic republic in action; you get the high-fives when a man or woman comes out and tells you everything is fine 'cause they voted for the Republican candidate. They'll give you a big smile and a thumb's up. If you are able to do this, even once, you may find as I did, the wonder that elections can be. It is altogether different going in to vote and being there for hours greeting folks who have come to vote. Obey the rules, stay 45 feet away from the doors to the polls and engage in this uplifting experience.


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