Monday, September 18, 2006

So many crises; so little time

Several situations present themselves today as topics for discussion. I just can't decide which one/two would be best. The ideas cluttering up this sleepy morning are:
The Rights of Terrorist Detainees vs. the Plight of the Pendleton 8 - I watch and read with disbelief about the agonizing that our Senators are seemingly engaging in as they fret and stew over the precious rights that should be afforded the barbarian murders who would and have killed the infidels in a blink of an eye and the chains that have graced our Marines and one Navy medic who have been thrown under the brig at Camp Pendleton in California due to the word of an enemy. So, that's one topic. The tentative title is: Terrorists 10; Marines 0 or Rights of Terrorists vs. Plight of Marines.
The Pope and his Apology to the rabble thugs who shoot unarmed nuns in the back. Really, first, it's cartoons and next it's a quotation from the 1400s or so. Don't take much to "disturb" the hoard does it. What if we did something really bad? To me, this is a war that Christianity is in and it is a war to the death this time around - I mean only one victor, not just a roll-back. Is the Pope engaging in psychological warfare on the the screaming, hysterical hoard (sorry, the englightened, merciful, tolerant, and reasoning practioners of the ideology of peace). By that I mean, does he prove the point of them being barbaric murderers from whom reason as well as any civilized form of human discourse flees? Did I say flees? Meant fleas - which is it? Mercy...
Baby bears in psuedo-UN meet in Havana for weekend on the town - the world (except for the 118 nations involved) watches as anti-Western nations spend fun-filled weekend in Havana smoking cigars and smoking the microphones in their vitriolic hatred of the United States. US tax dollars in the form of aid or bribes foot the bill. [I made that last part up, probably true though. Our press sure has been giving out free PR on the entire offensive boon-doggle. Come on though, it was a bit funny to see Hugo of Citco towering over Mad Jad, the barbarian puppet of the Supreme Leader puppeteers. Now, that was funny.]
What is a beach girl to do? So many topics; so little time. Here in beachland, it is bright and sunny, just a touch of fall in the air. Too beautiful to let the Mad Jads get us down. Be back in a few....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even the worst murderers have the right to a proper trial. Tear that down, and you junk civilisation.

7:29 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Agreed but when did the Constitution of the United States become the constitution of the world? And when did terrorists become entitled to anything except military tribunals and the firing squad? FDR seemed to know what to do with German spies. General Pershhing knew what to do with terrorists. Civilization must defend itself and these terrorists are not "criminals", they are terrorists. They have no rights to our criminal justice system.

Lucky for them I don't wear a black robe and sit on the Supreme Court. I just take offense at anyone who wants to slice your throat or mine with a rusty knife in the name of anything.

You and I can agree or disagree all we want but I'll still defend your right to live and to disagree.

7:52 PM  

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