Sunday, September 17, 2006

Islamofacism - draping the world in black

The Washington Times ran an op-ed by Diana West, on Friday (9/15/06) Black and White - Islamofacism's stark and not-so-stark realities. Her work deserves our attention. Our leaders call upon "moderate" Muslims to speak out, to reassure us of their "tolerance", and to denounce the terrorists' goals. From what I see, the difference between "moderate" and "radical" is the method and the numbers. However, the undermining of our laws does not take numbers; it takes intimidation under the guise of false "victomology" and illusionary offense of a psuedo-religious/political belief structure. They are even trying to get the Pope, for God's sake, to back down from a quotation genuinely made centuries ago. Further, our dialogue concerning the Middle East revolves around an incongruous premise. We say that we are fighting for the young democracies in both Afghanistan and Iraq. But as West points out, the "constitution" of both nations enshrines Sharia Law. A government based in Sharia Law is no democracy. It is an islamic-run state based on the law of the Koran which governs all finite aspects of a person's life and consequently renders moot all of the elections in which he will ever participate. By definition, an islamic-run state negates the idea that islam is a religion alone with only the aim of spiritual enlightenment for its "volunteer" practioners. Islamic law and the concept of a democratic republic are incompatible. I submit that the Muslim-against-Muslim fighting and killing we see in Iraq is soley to determine which Islamic group will eventually control through their own form of Islamic Determinism. No form of democracy is in the equation. But the stakes are high, especially for us in the West. We must fight and win this war and we must support our soldiers. To quote Ms. West at the end of her editorial:
"This isn't to say we don't have a do-or-die mission in the region. We do, and I'll put it in black and white: It is to stop the corrosive spread of Islamic law, through violent terrorism and peaceful immigration, into the West."
Read that again: "It is to stop the corrosive spread of Islamic law...into the West." To stop the spread of Islamic law into the West. The Left in America and in Europe as well has gone "Christophobic" on us so we cannot rely on them. We must therefore rely on ourselves. We - throughout the Western world - must be alert to the advance of Islamic law. It will act through stealth and it will use our own laws incrementally to undermine us and to break our will. We must not allow that to occur. I applaud everyone working to stop the spread of this threat including but not limited to Jihad Watch. To my point, if you think walking amongst women covered from head to toe in burkas, and covering your head with a hajib gives you a wonderful glow of "experiencing" another culture, then book a trip with your travel agent. The West does not need to import a "culture"/a political ideology draped in robes, the goal of which is to eradicate our way of life and make us bow down to a foreign god. Get a round-trip ticket. Travel is good for the soul. Spend your hard-earned dollars if you choose. But, don't forget to leave your cross on its gold-chain and your small travel Bible at home. Neither is welcome in Islamic countries - actually both are strongly forbidden and possession of them could get you thrown in jail or worse. Or so I'm told.


Blogger Francis W. Porretto said...

Say it loud, dear.

To win the Long War, we need more unity, deeper commitment, and better leaders than we have. Disunity, low commitment, and indifferent leadership saddled Europe with a massive Islamic infestation from 700 to nearly 1700. One might say those very same causes have done so again.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Can you imagine the Pope "regretting" what he said? If we can't count on him of all people, who else is there, physically speaking?

12:44 PM  
Blogger felix said...

Diane West's point about stopping Sharia law from speading to western countries is very important. We need to deport Islamists who want to establish Sharia law among the Moslem population in their new host countries.

1:23 PM  

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