Saturday, September 16, 2006

Cutting off Cash to ACLU - It's way past time!

Recently, Mr Minority brought a House Bill to my attention that needs our support and deserves repeating here. Mr Minority's post, dated Sept. 10, 2006, Wack-a-Commie, provides more detail. Hat's off to Mr. Minority. This bill, Public Expression of Religion Act, is one effort to ensure our freedom of speech, to put a bit of a brake on political correctness interms of you currently not being allowed to mention God in the public square for fear of the ACLU goons swooping down from the clouds to "get you" for offending someone - perhaps the little children, and to keep their greedy paws out of your wallet. Talk about government waste. The purpose of the House Bill, The Public Expression of Religion Act, is to cut off funds from the ACLU. Currently, the ACLU is funding the law suits it is bringing against you being able to have a cross just about anyplace - and God-forbid, the Ten Commandments in the public square - from taxpayer money. This means your cash is paying for those Leftists to "piss" on our flag, rip our crosses from our withering fingers, and smash our heritage against our very own Constitution. You can read the article from Mr Minority's blog and it is here as well: WorldNetDaily: Plan to cut ACLU money pipeline advances. The Public Expression of Religion Act was introduced by John Hostettler from Indiana. Call your congressmen. We have to act while we can, when the moment is ours. Tell your friends; tell your neighbors! Let's get this done. If it's already done, then please call your congressmen and thank them.


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