Saturday, September 16, 2006

California's Student Loans to Illegal Aliens

In California today (a.k.a. Mexifornica), the illegal aliens who have gone to high school for three years (at the expense of Mexifornica'a taxpaying citizens) are now able to attend the once-great colleges and universities in Mexifornica at in-state tuition costs PLUS they can now apply for student aid/loans again at the expense of Mexifornica's legal, taxpaying, long-suffering citizens. "But, they'll have to pay back the loans," you say. "And they are our best and brightest." [No argument there - a con is a con is a con.] Look, you nucklehead, they don't have to pay back anything. They are Mexican-nationals; they can vote legally here in the USA in Mexico's elections. They can get their loans; get their education such as it is; default on their loans; and skip off to Mexico. Why not? They'd become the middle-class. And with our Senate's bill to give them amnesty, citizenship and such, they'll have dual citizenship too. So, they can vote everywhere, influence our elections, and essentially have their vote count more than yours. Why Mexifornica and not Mexifornia? Easy. California's legal taxpayers - anyone unable to get out of there - are getting raped and they're getting to pay for it too. That would put any self-respecting prostitute out of business pretty darn quick. And what about treatment for the rape-trauma victims? No luck there. Too many hospitals (that citizens also paid for) have been forced to close! To whom do I owe gratitude for this sudden burst of inspiration - Oriana Fallaci - gracia! RIP


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