Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year 2009 is upon us!

As the bells ring and the champagne flows across the planet as the New Year is rung in, I find that I cannot wish us a "happy" New Year! That just seems a bit too over the top... There is much for which to be thankful - no terrorist attacks on US soil since 9/11/2001. But terrorist build-up in the good old US of A. You betcha! Our borders are leaking like the great Titanic and our government, yes, our government let's the border leak on. I know Border Patrol Agents risk their lives and Minuteman volunteers risk their lives daily defending our borders. Thank you... And our news media as well as our elected 'leaders' - hedging their bets - assure us that a terrorist attack on our soil within 6 months is imminent. By gosh and by golly! The North American Union and the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) agreement (never ratified by the Senate) keeps on at a merry pace with trucks from Mexico flooding our highways and endangering our lives. I wonder when the ports of Norfolk and New York and the major ports along the Left Coast will be closed for business when the ports in Southern Mexico will be opened on a grand scale? No wonder we were able to shut down the Dubai ports deal so easily. No, I haven't been watching the news much. Okay, not at all. Why? These are the holidays. This is the season of the Birth of Jesus Christ! This is the bringing in of the new year, 2009! I just want to enjoy that. What concerns me - right through to the marrow of my bones - is that when that terrorist attack comes and it surely will. How could it not? The script is already written. The American people will scream for more "security" and wham-o, slam-o, down will come "martial law." A thing Clinton could only have dreamed of. Once the government taketh away, the government doesn't give back. How many institutions or parts of institutions have been all but nationalized in the previous three months? I'll say it right out! I fear for our nation. I fear for our freedoms. If our new president does what he has alluded to, we'll have terrorists getting "criminal" trials in criminal courts in America and then, guess what, being let loose on American soil. I really fear for the stability of our nation. Cognitive Dissonance attack... I suppose in some sense, I'm saying I feel that the train has already left the station and nothing makes sense any more. Politically correct speech has come full circle to censorship - hate speech, et al, defined by the one who "wins." Perhaps the fifth column, the communists in days of yore, have been successful in tearing down our mores, our values, gnawing at our strengths so that we, in a collective sense, don't even recognize the strengths anymore. For myself, I have such a love for this nation and for her greatness, for her generosity, for the kindness of her people, that I look at the leadership that we are moving with into this our new year and I shudder. And yes, I have to pray for them. As an American, I want our president to do well for us as a nation. I fear, however, that a tipping point can be reached quickly when change can take on a life of its own and nothing and no one can stop "change" or the direction it takes. We're sort of all in a play - either actors or watching from the wings - acted upon. One thing I know for certain: Change for the sake of "change" is never good; never efficient; never in the best interest of we the American people. Going into this New Year of 2009 what are the wishes I have for us! Clarity of mind and heart! As Western Civilization, a renewed, resurgence in our heritage of Judea-Christianity! An understanding and recognition that - like it or not - our strength comes from God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. It is not incumbent upon God to "prove" Himself to us, His creation... We don't even have to believe in Him. That does not alter His existence. The non-believer is safe in his/her non-belief. Like the man who railed against the cross on Mount Soledad in California. To what end. Does one flea rule the dog? Even the Wren Cross, once put into a closet, is now "safely" under glass perched proudly under a locked glass case within the Wren Chapel so as not to give offense. Mercy, mercy me... A renewed recognition in our strengths and our goodness as a people and a nation with our allies! A willingness to step out there and get active in local politics - all politics is local - to engage in our republican democratic process! A willingness to say "ENOUGH!" We want FREEDOM over security every time! God bless you, my friends, all across the internet! Stay off of the highways New Year's Eve! If you must drive, take along a few angels with you. And keep in mind what I tend to forget, we are a government "of the people, by the people, for the people!" The folks in power WORK FOR US! Thank you for your many kindnesses throughout this year of 2008. We've had some ups and downs and still we let our little fingers fly across the keyboards, clicking and clacking, fighting our battles, ranting against indignities. To this end, let me mention a special thanks to a lady named Larwyn. She works tirelessly sending e-mails out several times a day keeping bloggers up to date on the work that other bloggers are doing. Larwyn, thank is impossible to keep up with her but she keeps up with us, for us. Again, God bless you and your families and loved ones...


Blogger Beach Girl said...

My blog, my rules... But then as to why I interject politics - why should I be any different. Some would argue that even Jesus was very "political". Paul certainly was.

Let's be vigilant in 2009. See the prognosis for the US of A by the Russian analyst at the Drudge Report. Yee haw!

7:29 PM  
Blogger KG said...

Here's wishing you a very peaceful and productive 'o9 Beach. Stay safe and remember--there are lots of us out here who wish you well.
*hug* Keith.

4:56 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

*hug* back at you, Keith. I am close to my internet friends. Interesting how much support we give to one another.

Yes, to a peaceful and productive 2009, ever vigilant.

Love your icon and Crusader Rabbit as well as A Western Heart. May she have a resurgence...

10:12 AM  

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