Monday, December 29, 2008

America to buzz-cut KGB analyst - Buzz Off!

Have you read the article published by the former KGB analyst about the dissolution of the United States of America into six parts. Essentially, Alaska returning to Russia; Hawaii to Chinese or Japanese control; California and the left coast to Chinese control; New Mexico and Texas across including Florida coming under the control of Mexico; the mid-Atlantic and North Atlantic states (generally the original 13 colonies) joining the EU; and the center of the US coming under the control of Canada - all by 2010. Boy howdy! What will President Obama have to say about that? Read it from Drudge: Russian professor predicts break-up of USA. I predicted this to some friends back in 1993 but didn't have the blog then and didn't see us going under control of other nations. Well, it would cut down on the amount of money we'd have to give to the rest of the world... My, those analysts are busy folks... With China holding our paper, we'll have to see...


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