Wednesday, November 15, 2006

America being devoured by its own

This morning I innocently went in search of World Net Daily and found a startling article. It should come as no surprise really but the conceit of it and the disgust - no wonder the West is in decline, no wonder Western Civilization if being tossed on the ash heap of the bonfire of our leaders' vanities. If you go to World Net Daily today, you will find the first article, Christianity being wiped from tales of U.S. history. That's bad enough but if it weren't, there is more. We, the people, are being betrayed in the halls of our very own United States Supreme Court. Oh, I don't mean in the rulings which are violation enough. I mean in the fresh-eyed wonder of the young tour guides. In an article by Bob Unruh, you will find that tour guides are informing visitors that the tablet signifying the Ten Commandments is being touted as "government tells today's visitors it's Bill of Rights being honored." How convenient that the "ten" is the common similarity. In Ten Commandments stunner: Feds lying at Supreme Court, Unruh recounts the visit of a pastor and his wife to the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. If you thought we were facing a threat from Islamic Imperialism and/or a threat to our ideal of "limited government", you would be right. To read that the threat to the survival of our nation is playing out in the halls of our Supreme Court through the "shame and embarrassment" of standing up for the early leadership that made this nation great is astonishing. How dare the government - chained by political correctness and revisionist history - insult every living American citizen and every man and woman who has sacrificed their lives for the principles of liberty and justice established in the Judeo-Christian heritage upon which this nation was founded. How dare they! Don't the knuckelheads know - it is because of those very principles in Judeo-Christian heritage that our freedom of religion exists. Muslims, Hindus, the Wiccans, and even the Secular atheists can practice their "religions" here in the United States ONLY because of those grand principles upon which this nation was founded. It is that very "freedom" that allows atheists, the Islamists, and the far Left to chisel away mightily at the principles that allow them to exist. The battle against our Western Civilization is far more advanced than I thought and it is being waged against us by those we call "fellow American citizens", by those we call "brothers". A house divided against itself through the insidious work of the revisionists cannot stand. Can it? We understand the goal of the Islamists - world domination. But should not the atheists and the far Left be more protective of the very principles that allow them to exist? If they are fully successful in driving Christianity underground, who will be there to defend the rights of the far Left to exist? If the far Left is successful is eliminating the principles of individual liberty and freedom, in eliminating the worth of the individual and instituting the god of the government - the benevolent dictator "government", how long before that government falls? A generation, seventy years as was the life-span of the USSR? And what will be left? No, America, Americans deserve better than that. Rise up, American citizens - all of you, take back control of your schools; take control of the education of your children; teach your young our heritage, our history; teach your young the strength of indivilualism; teach your young the power and liberating goodness of Freedom. Teach your young that men and women fought and died for our freedoms. Teach your young that America, the United States of America and Western Civilization is a heritage to be proud of. It is not a land of oppression; it is a land of faith, of goodness, of freedoms such as the world has never seen before and may likely never see again. Teach your young that "victomology", that the subjugation of women, is demeaning and not worthy of our heritage. Teach your children respect for their ethnicity but above that, beyond that, teach them pride in their nation. As Americans we all have a common heritage - native born or legal immigrant - we have a common history, a common thread of liberty and freedom. We have not been guarding that, we have been divided by people pecking away at our strengths, turning these into weaknesses they can exploit. Together, we must rise up and defend our liberty and freedom, that is all we have - the words printed on the fragile paper of our Constitution and transferred to our hearts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I will go and check out the article over at WND, read what I said about them over in one of my comments of my blog.

It's all about sensationalism with them and making sure they get the ads running on their website. Joseph Farah needs to depart from the "Weekly World News" tactics.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, I lost you when you said that Christianity defends (defended?) the right of the Far Left to exists.
My family is far-leftist since before WWII, but we did'nt notice. Maybe Christianity is very subtle in difending us far-leftists in order to avoid to overwhelm us with sense of guilt for our un-thankingfulness (?). Maybe too subtle. Where was Christianity in Spain, Italy and Germany during the 30's? Blessing Franco's soldiers before they killed communist activists. Signing convenient pacts with Mussolini. In Germany, only Jeovah's Witnesses opposed Hitler.
To me, the episode you're referring to it's just standard politically correct bullhsit. Really, much ado about nothing.
Excuse the English.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have the ACLU and the leftists that are running our schools to thank for this sad turn of events.
It's a crime against history that's being perpetrated, and not just at the supreme court. Even in our national parks at some of the historic monuments revisionist history is being taught. Our heritage as a nation is slowly being consumed, burned on the altar of political correctness.
Immigrants wishing to become citizens are required to know more about our history, our laws, and even our culture than students in our schools. Is it any wonder that so many of todays youth think of the United States as an evil aggressor nation that can do no good when this is how we are taught?

12:37 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Cachorro Quente, thank you for comments. I'll have to re-read, didn't mean that far left should have thankfulness to Christians - meant that the Constitution of our nation was founded in Judeo-Christian principles - individual equality before the law. It is that equality before the law that enables the far Left to tear down principles.

I tend to agree with you regarding Franco's history. A big thing of mine is when we didn't go into Hungary in the 1950's to help those people.

You're comments are welcome any time. I said it rather badly but I was trying to say that those principles are what allow those who may not like what we do to work to eradicate what they don't like. They do not owe Christianity thankfullness - they own our Founding Fathers gratitude for setting up a government that they are free to work to change.

Come back any time.

4:45 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Steve, I'll try to find your comment. Any hints on what post the comments follow? I'll take a closer look at WND.

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's over on my post, al-qaida gloats over US Elections:


Speaking of media, I received an email from a colleague that describes how bad the journalism goes on over at World Net Daily. He is 100% correct in saying that they are consistently re-hashing old Jerusalem stories. I view WND as bad journalism that overextetiates sensationalism to the point that whenever I go to, I feel as if I am at the grocery checkout perusing the Weekly World News.

If I had a message to send to the editor of WND, I'd tell him to knock off the sensationalism and just tell the story. I find it mighty odd how their stories barely seem to break msm and then after a while you realize that most of the stuff they harp on about never happened.

Basically put, if you look at WND with a sharp journalistic eye, you can pick out the sensationalism in WND stories. While I am, of course, a conservative, I find some of WND's work to be a bit over the top. This of course is just my opinion but remember that I sometimes tend to be a bit radical myself.

Just from a quick glance:

Fox News Reporters freed for $2 million....come on. If this was true, MSNBC would be all over it. They read WND. Why haven't they commented? I don't believe this story is true at all. If it were, why isn't Congress all over this???

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, Beach Girl, but your nation was'nt founded "in Judeo-Christian principles", but by people like Thomas Jefferson (who was accused of being an atheist), by free-masons and open-minded intellectuals which for the first time in history separated Church and State. Many of them shared the same ideals of the upcoming French Revolution. From what you say, it seems that democracy is a peculiarity of the christian culture.

3:21 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Cachorro Quente.
Thank you for your comment. I am well grounded in the history of the founding of my nation. I have long affiliation with the Masons, as my father was a Mason for 57 years. I know well that the Free Masons of Britian had a great hand in the founding of the nation. Mr. Jefferson was the Founder who wrote the Declaration of the Freedom of Religions because at the time of our founding, many states had "state" churches.

Actually, Mr. Jefferson and General Washington had family pews (booths) next to each other in Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, Virginia. I have sat in Mr. Jefferson's family's booth.

But it would be incorrect to say that the Founders all started with the ideal of separation of church and state. That was Mr. Jefferson's vision and an accurate one but he was vehement about the separation of church and state for one special reason many may not know - in his day, people paid a "poll" tax so to speak to support the state religion, this tax was levied against all citizens whether they attended the state church or not. It is this that was seen as totally against our values of equality and fairness. Mr. Jefferson would be vehemently opposed to the "dhimmi" tax placed on non-Muslims in Islamic nations as an example.

And no, our Founders were not all that thrilled about the French Revolution in light of the attrocities what accompanied it. As you know, Mr. Jefferson was in Paris when the revolution began and he, according to biographers, was pleased with it stating that a good cleansing was a healthy thing from time to time. That it devolved into a dictatorship proved, to me, that the French at that time had not captured the intent of our democratic republic.

Our founders did not share the up-coming ideologies of the French Revolution (1789) - it was the French who shared our ideals (1776) - they just took matters to the extreme, the mob ruled which is not the goal of a representative republic, and they executed Louis XVI who was the best support the fledgling new nation had - of course this because he would do anything to trounce the British.

Yes, Judeo-Christian values cetainly formed the underpinnings of our nation's founding and yes, most, not all, but most of the Founding Fathers were Masons.

Church life was an integral part of our founding, however, Mr. Jefferson was against the "established" church of many states in the new union but his reasons have been subscribed to the fact that poorer parishoners had separate churches, not many went to Bruton Parish Church, as an example. At that time in our history, though people of means, landed property owners, and such were of a decidedly "higher" class. Our founders did not wish to continue that class distinction as it was a carry-over from the colonies early times with England. And as I said, Mr. Jefferson was against the "poll" tax paid by all citizens to support an established church they did not follow. Even at that, the established church of the day did not "run" the government.

The Judeo-Christian values of which I speak are out-growths of the Ten Commandments, if you will, and the values spill over into our general mores of behavior. It is difficult to separate those mores, the representative democracy (a republic) the Founders created, and the goals of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" as unalienable rights given to all man by his Creator (ie God). Of these "rights' coming from a Creator and not from a government, the Founders were quite clear. These are laws above the government established by man.

America is not a democracy and, frankly, very few churches in America are democracies. No, what I am saying is that it is because of the "tolerance" in our nation of other religions and other ideologies that we have the nation we have; to me, it is the Judeo-Christian value of loving thy neighbor as thyself that enables those who wish to destroy our nation to exist; it is a combination of our Constitution and our Judeo-Christian values.

There is no denying that many of our laws have followed from our Judeo-Christian values and some of our Founding Fathers were Deists. Our representative republic is the best system derived thus far and it is a master plan created by our best thinkers who seemed to combine or to aspire to the best in men based upon the combination of our Judeo-Christian values and the out-growth of a system of government that goes very far back into much earlier cultures. I think, candidly, our Founders (many of whom were philosophers and self-taught men) took the best they could gather from what is called Western Civilization and forged a great system, which even they said was up to us to keep.

America has been called a "grand experiment". It is based on a combination of individual liberty and freedom coupled with the responsibility that accompanies those freedoms and liberty. And none of our Founding Fathers, even Mr. Jefferson's letter to a group of Baptists I think, ever expected God or the mention of God to be driven from the public square.

But, a democracy - no, thank God, our Founders knew the horrors a democracy would bring. A true democracy is mob rule and that ends in no freedom.

America is still an ideal, Cachorro Quente. It has not yet devolved in the 613(?) laws of Leviticus.

5:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sorry, Beach Girl, but your nation was'nt founded "in Judeo-Christian principles", but by people like Thomas Jefferson (who was accused of being an atheist), by free-masons and open-minded intellectuals which for the first time in history separated Church and State."

To claim that Jefferson was anything other than being a Christian highlights a certain degree of either ignorance or an attempt to try and re-create history that just didn't happen. Pay a visit to Jefferson's home in Charlottesville and peruse the artifacts and displays, and then tell us that he wasn't a believer in Christ.

Another fallacy you've tripped over is the fact that our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values and beliefs.

I suggest that you read Jefferson's Writings: autobiography/notes on the state of Virginia/public and private papers/addresses/letters. I once reviewed and edited an extensive paper on Jefferson as a college thesis for a friend, and there is nothing substantially factable based on Jefferson being an atheist.

9:17 AM  

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