Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Social Security and Medicare going bust

We get the news that Social Security and Medicare are going bust. Well, duh! No surprise there. It has always been a Ponzi Scheme. Shame on the thieves in the legislature - either side of the aisle. I wonder if the 53,000,000 babies who have been killed in America since 1973 who would now be in the work force and also perhaps parents could have helped keep money going in to pay promised benefits? We'll never know but killing 53,000,000 Americans before birth certainly has cut costs. Not to worry, rationed "health" care will kill a lot more Americans so costs will be kept down. People in Canada - some anyway - never receive care. What has made Americans so willing to give in to tyranny? I'll never know except it is not exactly giving in to "tyranny"; it seems to be more on the order of voting to steal money from producers. Regardless, the result of 'tyranny' will be the same unless we stand up for America and the principles upon which we were founded: individual liberties, individual freedoms, and individual accountability.

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