Saturday, May 09, 2009

Nancy Pelosi lied about briefings? Never! Those CIA meanies!

From the Washington Post, Capitol Briefing, we have CIA says Pelosi was briefed on Enhanced Interrogations. That was in 2002. But San Fran Nan says she didn't think they were using the techniques. Duh!!!! Who ya gonna believe? Not Nancy but I must remember she is the darling of the liberal left and as loving and tolerant as they are, God bless 'em, we know Nancy who runs the House with an Iron Fist would never misrepresent a CIA briefing. She just thought she was being informed about what 'enhanced interrogation' techniques were. Duh, like what our pilots and others go through in training? Maybe Nancy should not be the Speaker of the House if she misunderstood what the CIA briefings were all about. No, we need her to crack the whip and keep the little people chained to the milk of government subsidies. As Nancy said, they won the election and they'll write the legislation and do what they darn well please. Fine, Nov. 2010 is a comin'! We may march more into Socialism or worse but we'll have Democrats in charge and I can only say, "Hooray and Amen" to that. I'd like the Republicans and Conservatives (not the same thing) to sit back and enjoy the Obama-Pelosi-Reid destruction of our military force and controlled give-away of what should be classified materials; and where is that birth certificate? Misplaced but on that I don't care. This nation seems fairly well divided between the liberal left and the conservative right. I don't mind if the liberal left will pay for the things I don't want to pay for but that's not how it works. It's called redistribution of "wealth" or "money earned from work" given to those who haven't earned it and that spells Socialism but to me it is far worse because it keeps some people enslaved to the government purse and keeps others enslaved to a work force. It's license to steel through legislative fiat. So, what did Nancy know and when did she know it? Or is it one of those thousands of "I don't recall" moments that Hillary and her accomplice/secretary treated us to during House hearings on all that Clinton stuff? Now that was funny. Lighten up! San Fran Nan is reportedly the wealthiest person on Capitol Hill so "don't cry for her, Argentina!" To the CIA, release some more info on who was briefed and when - keep up the good work...


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