Sunday, May 10, 2009

Larwyn's List: Infanticide, only a Felony; and Hate Crimes

The following reading comes to us from Larwyn with her indomitable energy to keep us all up-to-date and informed. Admittedly, I am a bit late in getting this list out but it is timely and timeless. I hope your find the links helpful. They are excellent efforts at fighting the madness that seems to surround us at this time when up is down and down is up. Can you say "Cognitive Dissonance"? I'm mentioned Orwell's 1984 many times recently to describe the times we are in but reading this list, Animal Farm comes to mind as well with two-legs bad; four legs good when one might hear the braying of the "jackasses" behind much of the efforts to "protect" pedophiles and every other type of interesting behavior - can't use "aberrant", Dr. Laura used that and was castigated for it. So, words mean things and in today's America, seems like Webster's Dictionary folks would be well-advised to start marking words that are not allowed to be written or spoken in America today. From Gateway Pundit: Texas Rep. Introduces "Infanticide Bill"-- Will Make Killing a 1 Year-Old Baby a Mere Felony A Texas Democrat wants to make killing a baby a mere felony. A doctor/professor of Princeton, maybe he has re-located, I could not find him easily, once advocated that a mother should be able to get rid of her child any time through pregnancy and up to the child's third year of life. The doctor's first name is Paul, of that I am certain. From Director Blue: The "Madman theory of the presidency" From Gateway Pundit: More Chrysler Creditors Say They Were Threatened By Team Obama A little coercion goes a long way when practiced by Chicago Thugs. Usually knee-capping or leaving severed horse heads in beds has the same effect but when one can use the full weight and strength of the American federal government for such arm-twisting, who needs polished thugs to do the job? From Jonah Goldberg at Prairie Pundit: Obama's culture of corruption. As Jonah asks, "Some days you have to ask yourself, my God, what if these people were Republicans?" From Pamela at Atlas Shrugs: Hate Crime Protection for Pedophiles but No Protection for Military. "Democrats protect pedophiles by not the Military." That should come as no surprise since they protect "terrorist detainees" as well. The problem with "hate crimes" is that the crime itself is bad enough; when we start calling a crime a "hate crime" we move into that slope of "inequality" when a crime committed against one group classification is not deemed as bad of a crime as that same crime committed against a group with a less prestigious classification. Personally, I think "hate" is integral to many crimes so that we should not have tacked on "hate crimes" legislation. That creates extra-protection for some folks and less protection for other folks and that is "unAmerican." From Director Blue: "Highlights" of Bill Ayers' indoctrination speech to students From Don Surber: The liberal food fight over the Supreme Court Empathy justice repeals the 14th Amendment From Don Surber: The nanny police expand From Don Surber: The Daily Scoreboard From Don Surber: So why not build a Quantanamo facility on US soil? From Prairie Pundit: The administrations problems with the CIA From Ed Lasky at the American Thinker: Israel suffers another blow from the Obama administration And from The Anchoress at First Things: MAKE IT STOP A number of these listed posts have excellent links within them that one might find interesting. In the midst of all the shenanigans, the ATP Tennis Clay Court Tournament started yesterday so it is novel transcribing for me and clay court tennis as the world turns and as our President and his First Lady enjoy the fruits of their labor as well they should. The honeymoon is not over with the press yet but Barack is certain to step on their toes before too long then he'll have to deal with them as every president learns. It can't be all that much fun being President of the United States for anyone but they do have their way around some interference. Bill Clinton had his 'executive orders' when he wanted to get around Congress; George W. Bush had his signing statements which I still don't believe are or were constitutional because he signed legislation into law then added a 'signing statement' saying what he would or would not uphold in the legislation - neat trick; and Barack - I'm not sure of what mechanism he'll be using when Congress gets their collective ego-manical backs up against him and they will to be sure. Maybe he can dress the ACORN folks, generously funded by the USA tax payer, in brown shirts to get the Congress in line. Have a good Sunday.

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