Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Talks with Iran following the yellow brick road

According to news article by David E. Sanger, U.S. may drop key conditions for talks with Iran, the U.S. is considering dropping the former Bush Administration condition that Iran stop all uranium enrichment "before" talks. Obama administration and UN/Europe seem on track to agree to end that policy and begin talks as Mr. Obama promised during his presidential campaign to hold talks about Iran's uranium enrichment program with no set preconditions. I can appreciate that an "all or nothing" approach bought more time for Tehran and left us at a stand-still at the highest levels. But with Iran we are in a Catch-22. Either way - talks/no talks - gives Iran what it wants: more time. Talks with or without conditions add strength to Tehran's main goal which is the ability to develop/generate nuclear weapons with which to threaten and attack Israel directly and to shift or centralize power within the Middle East specifically. Like the Somalia Muslim pirates and their hostage taking, every hand that strengthens Iran's ability to extort other nations brings them more "power" and "weakens" the West. If not in fact, in perception and in the Middle East, perception is everything. Sanger suggested that negotiating talks with Iran would "save face" by tossing them a few concessions. However, all negotiators/state department appeasers need to remember that everything that we see as negotiating and "fairness", the Iranians see as advancing their cause and as weakness on our part, playing into their hands thus giving them victory - that perception thing. As a directive from Allah via Mohammad, Islamists (Iran's president - "Israel will no longer exist..." to paraphrase) have Allah's permission, more specifically orders, to lie to the infidels to advance the cause of Islam which is world domination - that doesn't mean you go to mosque instead of church and otherwise you do what you want. It means you and your life in ALL ways is controlled and dominated by Islam. This goal of "world domination" is not just an Islamic corporate mission statement that the corporation would like to achieve subject to modification. It is a zealous commission or directive, ingrained and individually personal, stronger than not eating fish on Friday. Talking and negotiations have their possibilities when you are negotiating with a person or persons who are reasonable and rational who even minimally share your world view but the West must never be "blinded by the euphoria" of "oh, goodie, we're talking with the Iranian leaders - now we're getting somewhere." Yes, helping to advance the march of Imperial Islam. What is the solution? Difficult to say. You cannot negotiate with Islamic terrorists because they are directed by the Qu'ran against taking infidels as friends. How can you expect to negotiate with the very people who support in all ways possible, the Islamic terrorists who are actually the surrogate "un-uniformed" soldiers for the nation we will be "talking" with with no preconditions. You cannot talk to a rabid skunk. You do not speak the same language; you do not have the same world view - nothing close. You cannot be deluded that you can reasonably expect terrorist-sponsoring nations to "keep their word to infidels"; you have to know you are being played - you are the little mouse or the canary and Iran (any Islamic Republic) is the cat. With that knowledge fixed and firm, you can enjoy the "talks", maybe do some sight-seeing, and possibly have a few good meals. Israel and its very existence, the lives of the innocent men, women, and children there, and eventually the lives and the freedoms of all of us in the West - if it still exists - hang in the balance. If the State Department thinks "talks" help, that highlights part of their disassociation from reality, and as Israel's leaders say - with reality, Survivor-based - there isn't much time and we will not be destroyed... As Israel fights for its existence, it is one of the front lines against the advance of Islam's on-going jihad against all non-Muslims. A day will come when we in the West will be forced against the wall: bow to Islam with Sharia Law infiltrating our lives one tiny step at a time and Islamic Regimes or defend your very lives. Here is one small, seemingly innocuous example: public swimming pools closed in Oregon to all but women at certain times to meet the segregation requirements of Sharia Law. Think regression to "white" and "colored" bathrooms. This is serious stuff. For Americans, it is a mind-numbing assault. Yet, it is not an confrontation we are seeking. It is something we are trying to avoid even to the "loss of face" but until or unless we act decisively to defend and maintain our freedoms with clarity, no ambiguity, we will remain in these "cat and mouse" pirate/extortionist parlays. We and only we can call a halt to the march of Islamic Imperialism. And this march is on all levels from the Somalia Muslim pirates, to the 9/11 Islamist terrorists, to Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatening Israel and mocking the U.S. and our president at the embarrassing United Nations. God bless...


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