Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama: his attitude toward we, the American people

Obama has spoken frequently about "we, the people" of America. He has shown us by his associations that he is far more comfortable with those who hate America and our culture than perhaps he is with those who are patriotic. The people who have run his campaign have done a good job of "keeping" him on the same, tired message of "change." I think they are correct. We need to guard our "change" should he be elected because that is all we'll have left - all of us - while he and Madame Michelle will have expense accounts and Secret Service. It's one of those, "Let them eat caviar on toast points" moments. But to my central point regarding Barack Obama's attitude toward "we, the American people":
  • Obama says we are backward clinging to our guns and to our religion. Yet, he claims to be a Christian as do 80% or more of his fellow American citizens.
  • Obama says he plans to spread the wealth which equals tax increases, the loss of jobs, and the potential to throw our economy into a depression. I know I'll stop buying/stop spending money if taxes are increased. And then he wants to "give" money you earn to those who do not work to "lift all boats". His "tax plans" and "welfare checks" coupled with all of the money Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would spend will "sink our ship of state."
  • Obama's running mate, Senator Joe Biden, points out that it is "patriotic" to pay more taxes meaning, of course, that if we don't want to pay more taxes (we don't want to work harder for someone else) then we are not patriotic.
  • Obama does not support school vouchers to be used primarily by black parents whose children are forced to attend failing inner-city schools because he does not believe the children of those parents deserve the elite education your tax dollars provide for his daughters.
  • And the most disgusting insult came just this weekend from Obama when he said since when did they (meaning McCain/Palin) make a virtue out of selfishness. Meaning that we, the American people, are selfish if we don't go on bended knee with alms to give to Obama so he can transfer our hard-earned money - earned from the sweat of our brow - to someone not working. That is SOCIALISM.
Americans are the most generous people on earth. 15 billion to Aids prevention and such in Africa, just to mention one program out of thousands. Let's not even mention those who died in Europe or the Far East fighting to defend freedom. My friends, Americans cannot afford Obama and the Socialism within which he wants to enslave us and with which he plans to make even more of us dependent upon government. We have had slavery and we have overcome slavery. Let us not embrace it again simply because the man holding out the chains is a Liberal elitist! We deserve better. To be candid, I cannot say in good conscious that I agree with all aspects of John McCain's efforts over the past several years. I opposed Campaign Finance Reform as unconstitutional and I still do; I strongly opposed the Amnesty bill John McCain pushed so strongly but at this juncture in our history, we must have GRIDLOCK to put the brakes on our out-of-control Democrat House of Representatives and liberal Senate. A friend of mine, KG, lives in New Zealand and he has commented that New Zealand has been nearly destroyed because of Socialism and the corruption that goes with it. KG writes at Crusader Rabbit and A Western Heart. No links tonight, just open comments. I don't want a president:
  • who insults us for being Americans,
  • who insults us for believing in the right to work,
  • who insults us for believing in secret ballots during union voting,
  • who insults us for believing that hard work should be rewarded instead of punished, and
  • who insults us for believing that the American Dream comes from our own efforts NOT from the benevolent Hand of Government! Do you?
Socialism is slavery; socialism is "rationed" health care; socialism is punishing hard work - no matter who gift-wraps the package. Obama is the son of privilege who, thanks to his hardworking, maternal grandparents received the very best education in the very best schools in Hawaii. Wouldn't you expect that same man to speak FOR school vouchers so that all of our children could have the best education available? So that our public schools could and would become more competitive and therefore better in order to keep students? Why would that man who has received so much from America deny those same opportunities to our children? And, as an educator, I can tell you that the most important years are during grades 1 - 3. If we can teach a child to embrace his natural love of learning with joy, to read, and to pursue his desire to learn on his own through the 3rd grade, we will have created a child who can and will have an independent mind, a desire and hunger to learn, and the ability to discipline himself so that he too can reach the American Dream not as a hand out from government but from the fruits of his own labor. We will have taught a child to have positive self-esteem because we will have shown him that there is nothing second class about him. He will not be kept down by a hand-out; he will know how to make his way using the skills and tools he will have learned and he will be honestly proud of his accomplishment. We will have taught a child who will be able to learn and study for the joy of it and once we have done that, there will be no stopping that child from attaining his highest goals. We all need a helping hand from time to time but we do not need the boot of government upon our backs keeping us only at the level that government wishes to bestow upon us. "Tito, the Builder" reminded me of that. Call me whatever you will, but I have taught ethnicities across the spectrum and around the world; I have taught Americans and non-Americans alike when I worked overseas and I swear to you, once you see the light of learning sparkle in the eyes of a child or a young man or young woman, you know there is no turning back - that child, that man or woman will be free... If not free due to their government, they will be free in their Soul... America cannot afford a president - ever - who considers us unpatriotic or selfish and who ridicules us for our Faith of our Fathers and our belief in our Bill of Rights for which our men and women have died and are giving their lives today...for which our military families and the families of those in our foreign services or clandestine services sacrifice for us each and every day. We do not need a president - now or ever - who fraternizes with terrorists, domestic or foreign. A president who because of his associations could not get a security clearance if he applied for a government job. God bless you all and may God have mercy upon our nation and our leaders...May God guide us as we move onward into the 21st Century. I pray that we will vote against the pathway toward advancing tyranny, against the New World Order... I pray we will vote for national sovereignty and for freedom...for less government NOT more, and for independence...


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