Sunday, October 26, 2008

Election 08: Seniors voting!

On Election Day, I will be sitting in the polling place as a Poll Watcher. We have various duties too numerous to mention. The main function is to be certain that we keep quiet and that we ensure voter fraud does not take place. Now, to Seniors and folks with disabilities trying to vote for McCain/Palin, "rummor on the street" has it that Obama supporters may be blocking the lines, standing in line and making it look like the voting line is much longer than it is. Should you find this to be the case, you can vote from your care. Just call a poll workier to get you help. The Polling Officians are set-up for this. If you are a Senior or a disabled person, see if you can go to the polls with a friend who can assist you in the lines and within the polling place itself - not help you with your actual voting but help you get inside and help you get the opportunity to vote. We know that ACORN and others in the tank for Obama are and will do everything to win this election for Barry and Barry will institute the Socialism, Communism-light many on America hope to see fall upon their heads. The axe of socialism, Marxism, and ultimutate Communism - the New World Order - will be heavy upon all of us. It is estimated that 49% of folks voting this time do not pay income taxes and will vote to steal money from you to put into their pockets. Talk about weaning ourselves from so much dependency from foreigh oil! We need to wean ourselves from so many "handouts" from government which in the final anaylsis represent "stealing" from your neighbors Is that what you want? To actually steal from your hardworking neighbor; to have money you have earned be "stolen" from your neighbor through legislative robbery? Tighten that belt; watch your spending as all of us must do; and vote against "legalized stealing". That is what Barack Obama means when he says "Spreading the wealth". He means "stealing from you to give to someone who did not earn it. A vote for Obama is a vote, not for change, but a vote for the continued government theft of your hard-earned income to give to someone else. To Obama, working and earning an income is for "dummies" because he intends to SHARE/GIVE money you have earned during hours you have workded to those who have no financial commitment to our nation, only stealing from the money you have earned. So, on election day, November 4th, do not let anyone intimidate you. Go to the polls and vote for McCain/Palin if you want a better chance at keeping taxes low all around and keeping more of your money. You earned it. I went through a grocery store line yesterday. The man in front of me was buying food with a government welfare check. He has his 24 case of beer and one other item separated from the "government" purchased goods. He pulled out cash for the beer because you can't buy beer, etc. with government welfare checks. Wonder where he got the other money? He has the best of all worlds. Your money for food, housing, health care; and some case for beer. Maybe he got a welfare check cashed someplace, I don't know. He was able bodied and could certainly work... So, vote on November 4th. The choice is yours: creeping Socialism on steriods under Barack Obama and his handlers or a fight for a free-market society?


Blogger Z said...

Very well said, girl! Thanks...
you are SO right about that welfare guy; where'd he get the money?

If Obama wins, you think they'll get beer delivered free?

8:44 PM  
Blogger Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Take care of yourself out there!

11:55 PM  
Blogger KG said...

Good Post! I've put up a link to it over at CR.

4:43 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you all! I love that horse and rider for the Knights Templar! Or such....

Been a bit down but will write this one last post before the election. I am concerned that our electorate is generally simply uninformed...

9:24 PM  

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