Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama: President-elect of the United States

Congratulations to Barack Obama and to the American people for this "historic election." I worked today as a Poll Watcher inside of two precincts and was once again heartened by the multitude of Americans who voted today. I got to the first precinct at 5:00AM in preparation for the polls opening at 6:00AM. Already at 5:00AM in the dark, cars were double-parked and American citizens were standing in line, ready to exercise our sacred right to voting. I interacted with lawyers and law students representing "Protect the Vote" as well as with election officials to ensure that ALL Americans were able to vote and to do so smoothly, showing photo IDs, and waiting patiently in long lines to vote. A friend told me earlier in the day that a black American fire fighter said to his white American supervisor, "Tomorrow, I'll own you!" I hope the attitude of racial hatred expressed by that one black fire fighter will soon be laid to rest and that we, as Americans, will once and for all rise to the mantra of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and, once and for all, be judged on our achieved merit and "earned and learned skills" by the "content of our character as Americans" and that we will end once and for all the "institutionalized racism that is affirmative action" based solely on the "color of our skin", demeaning to all of us. I have been unrelentingly against the ideology expressed by Barack Obama throughout the campaign. Tonight, I am willing to step back and give President-elect Barack Obama the opportunity to prove through his actions that he will be the President of ALL Americans and that he will not move us further into Socialism. As Americans, we all need to give our new President-elect the opportunity to prove that he will not end our freedom of speech through the enactment of the Fairness Doctrine, that he will not tax the Coal Industry out of business, and that he will defend our nation from the invasion of illegal aliens; that he will defend us from Islamic terrorists and from the creep of Islamic/Shariah Law which is driven to undermine our American democratic republic. For tonight, we need to stand together as Americans. Virginians were the first to elect a black American, Doug Wilder, as our governor and as the first black governor in the United States. Today, 40% of Virginia's white electorate propelled President-elect Barack Obama into the White House. God bless America; may God lead us as we move forward into the next chapter in the book that is the American ideal expressed in our Bill of Rights. And to my most faithful and loyal friends across the internet, know that should President-elect Obama take actions to stand-up against the far-left Liberalism of Pelosi and Reid, I will support his defense of conservative / constitutional issues; when President Obama takes actions that I believe are destructive to our democratic republic, I will be unrelenting in my fight against such actions. I will not be silenced by the phrase: "ending partisanship." The phrase, "ending partisanship" is Liberal code for conservatives to "shut up" and let the Liberal Socialist "have their way with us." I do NOT equate defending my strong American conservative / constitutionally-based ideals and my belief in the glory and freedoms of our American democratic republic as being "partisan." Partisanship is the mother's milk that keeps our democratic republic nurished, open, and free demanding the OPEN and UNFETTERED exchange of ideas. I believe defending my belief in "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" and our American ideal of "equality before the law" is my duty and my responsibility as an American.


Blogger KG said...

A fine post, Beach and the friends of America will be keeping their fingers crossed for you.
Whatever happens, please don't discount our admiration and affection for America.

1:47 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I love you, KG, along with all of my friends across the internet.

Discount your admiration and affection, NEVER!

47,000,000 folks who do not pay federal income taxes voted to steal money out of the mouths of my family which pays enough in federal income taxes to support a sizable family.

No one knows who Barack Obama is and many folks voted from emotion. In America today, we do not place our ethnicity on our federal income tax forms (our 1040 Forms) which means that many "minority" families who have worked hard and smashed through the income ceiling will be paying hefty taxes. Once it dawns on many of them, they will not like it one bit.

Also, Wesley Pruden wrote a great editorial in the Washington Times yesterday regarding the surprises black Americans have in store for themselves once they learn that Obama is just another corrupt thug from Chicago. There is no bitterness in my comment toward him. He built a better mouse trap and won.

I just wanted my friends to know that I welcome the opportunity to have this "ceiling" smashed so that we can move forward. I would have preferred a black American such as Michael Steele to have won but he didn't run.

I cannot publish my prognostications but Americans have a way of getting the government they want, not especially the one they need.

We'll see. As for myself, I shall defend and fight for my conservative/constitutionally-based principles until the end of my days.

God bless and never lose faith in the American people. I suggest you click on Michelle Malkin's comments for today, Gird your loins, Conservatives.

KG, this is only one battle. American conservatives - kicked to the curb by the Republican Party - and many conservative Democrats among them - will fight for our nation's ideals, will support our military personnel and their families, and will fight to remain that "shining beacon on a hill."

God bless America!

2:08 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

Fantastic post and comments. I have faith that the Republican Party will clean house and regroup, getting back to their base, during this time of transition. My prediction is that many of the American people who cast their vote for this political man and his "get elected at any cost" promises will have to suffer through some tough times. Possibly they will come out on the other side with a better understanding of critical thinking vs. being snagged into chanting a one-line catch phrase "Change" and projecting that as the answer to their situation in life. The media is already questioning their undying and slanted support for a product of the Chicago politcal machine (we will not forget who you are MSM.) Fight the good fight, never surrender, never give up!

9:24 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Maggie, thank you for your comment. We're gonna have fun, okay? Just have to be more frugal and take a look at investing in gold coins.

Remember, a lover spurned can be a vicious creature. There are some in the MSM who have talk-shows. The Fairness Doctrine ax will fall on their heads too. Whoo hoo!

Michael Savage may have a good idea in starting a new political party for disaffected conservatives. The Republican elite don't like us very much. How about the Constitutional Party?

This is the absolute truth; had McCain not had Sarah Palin on the ticket I would not have voted for him. Send me your blog's url and I'll add you to the list of blogs I read.

Keep the faith, keep an eye on Congress and on the Supreme Court and let's not give too much attention to "you know who". I just want to know who "owns" Mr. Obama.

When I got too tough on President George W. Bush from time to time, a good friend reminded me that I have no way of knowing who had a "gun" (figuratively) to his head. True, very true.

I'm glad for President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush that they can walk away from the cess-pool that is Washington, DC.

4:48 PM  

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