Monday, November 03, 2008

Election '08: We are in danger! Grave danger?

Last night I was chatting with a friend whose friendship goes back many decades all the way back to the 7th Grade. My friend is generally non-political. She is happy to allow her husband, her brother-in-law, and me discuss politics. And last night, with no prompting from me, she said, "We are in danger if Obama is elected." Well, yes - we are in danger of going into a depression, the loss of jobs, and more dependency upon BIG Government, not to mention the shutting down of the coal industry. We are all busy and some are excited about voting tomorrow; many have already voted. If you have time, please read the following editorials all from The Washington Times: Obama's Fairness fantasy by Donald Lambro 10 Reasons to vote for John McCain by Mona Charen Obama, the two-dimensional character/Image in three dimensions by Mark Steyn If you have time, you owe it to yourself to search on: Obama civilian national security force before you vote. This is third world thugism pure and simple. If his Socialist intentions are not enough to give you pause, then the proposal of a "civilian national security force" should scare the hell out of you. That's when neighbor turns in neighbor and the streets are patrolled by "brownshirts". Just the idea/just the mention of the concept is chilling. Not to mention the guaranteed assault on "talk radio." Last night, I watched a few minutes of Huckabee during which time Bill Mahur (sp) was interviewed. The general discussion / point of view of Bill Mahur is that "God is dead", and like Europe, Americans should no longer rely on their faith. What Huckabee failed to point out to Billy-Bob is that Islam is sweeping through Europe, filling a vacuum? Hard to say but sweeping through Europe nonetheless. But as we know, Islam is not a religion in our view as the "separation of church and state" because Islam is the STATE. And last and most important, if you believe that our children are important and are our future, then please don't vote for a man who supports all forms of abortion and even infanticide, the leaving of babies who survive abortions alone to die as seen in: new borns left to die. H/T to Liberally Conservative. God bless you all and God bless our nation. If we are left to the unfettered designs of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid along with Ayers as the Secretary of the Department of Education and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. swearing in Obama - we will know God has stepped back, leaving us to our fate, I'm sure with a tear in His eye... Why? Because we must not snuff out the light of freedom; we must not take on the moldering shroud of European Socialism. We deserve better and our military who have given their lives and limbs deserve courage from us... And as Neal Boortz points out: if you support McCain/Palin remove all bumper stickers and yard signs to protect your property from Obama supporters. First, I couldn't believe I heard that; and second, what does that say about some Obama supporters? Last stop: Blue Collar Republican And if you've got the stomach for it, look up the supportive comments of Jeremiah Wright, Jr and his "g-d America!" Obama's "spiritual" leader and advisor for twenty years. Like it or not folks, we are know by the company we keep. Let's see how long it would take you to get a security clearance if your friends of twenty years were Jeremiah Wright, Jr., Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, and Tony Rezko - to name a few. As an aside, I believe the most telling and saddest thing I was taught through the Jeremiah Wright, Jr. episode is that I am supposed to believe that my black American neighbors hear that tripe from their pastors on a weekly basis. If that is true, then we have failed as a nation because racism is alive and thriving in our black "Christian" churches. Is that the truth? Is Jeremiah Wright, Jr. the norm in black churches across the nation?


Blogger Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Well your friend seems to have hit the nail right on the head. For someone who is not political to make a statement should be a warning. God help us all if obama is elected.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

And now we move forward. A friend told me today that a black American firefighter told his white supervisor, "Tomorrow, I'll own you."

Uplifting, yes?

11:23 PM  

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