Sunday, November 02, 2008

Election '08: Al Jazeera TV Coverage nation-wide!

A few nights ago, I went to a debate between my Congressman/Representative and her challenger. The debate was at an elementary school, held in the cafeteria/gym. It was just a small neighborhood-sponsored debate. I thought it would be fun to attend and to support my Representative since she had voted against the "bailout" bill twice and that took courage. Well, a TV crew was there. A young man started talking with me. He was from Canada, from Al Jazeera TV to be exact. He and his crew will be set-up in a local, small-town coffee shop just a few miles from my home on Tuesday and will be broadcasting internationally for twelve hours, interviewing locals as the election results come in. He said he had been to Wasilla, Alaska - Gov. Sarah Palin's town where she was the mayor - and that everyone loved her there, Republicans and Democrats alike. He and I chatted off-camera for a few minutes. He was polite and well-versed on America. He said the entire world was interested in THIS election and many supported Obama for the presidency. Well, that can mean only one thing to me and that is that "the whole world", meaning leaders in the Middle East and the Far East who wish us harm see Obama as "easy". They want him elected which is enough in and of itself to have me vote against him. If you can believe it, Al Jazeera TV will be set-up in a small town which is really not a town anymore, just a part of a larger city these days, broadcasting our election results. The young man invited me to the coffee shop, etc. Will I visit the coffee shop where I often visit? Not on a bet. Not that night-early morning. I'll do my channel-surfing at home. I know what Senator Dick Durbin does not seem to know and that is that our faces and our words are broadcast internationally, even from the floor of the United States Senate, where our sentences can be cut and twisted to mean whatever the TV producer wants them to mean. Will I allow myself to be an instrument of propaganda, not for a minute. I realize my blog is read internationally and I appreciate my many friends across the internet but sit down in my home town and have my words sent world-wide. No thanks! God bless you and God bless America! God bless our many friends and allies who support freedom and a democratic republic, a representative government based upon the principle of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" and "equality and justice (before the law) for all." Not "equality of outcome" but "equality of opportunity!"


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