Saturday, November 17, 2007

Illegal Mexicans - capitalists at their core?

If one believes in rugged individualism, taking a risk, and going for the gold, then one could look at some of the Mexicans who come here illegally, and some legally, to work. Let's just take a look at the illegal Mexicans. They come to the United States to work, let's say. They stand on a street corner, are picked up by someone driving a truck, and are taken to do work someplace for tax-free dollars that they will then send to Mexico. They don't know they will get paid, they don't know they'll be driven back, they don't even know if they'll get out of that day's work alive. Right now, they can send a healthy chunk of money back to Mexico. But wait until the Democrats get them! Then they'll get to see their money disappear... They'll be granted amnesty, a path to citizenship, and guess what: TAXES, Social Security taxes, medical taxes, and who knows what else - all so Democrats can buy their votes. I know, the President's comprehensive amnesty program did much the same thing but these folks aren't victims yet. Yes, they are breaking our laws; yes, they are taking our medical benefits from us; yes, they are using services we have paid for. Looked at that way, they are excelling as capitalists - using Other People's Money and pocketing theirs so they can send it to their home - Mexico. They must be laughing at our stupidity. By the way, no one in Mexico can get a driver's license UNLESS they can prove they are in the country legally. This North American Union stuff may not be all that good for Mexico when Americans start moving freely across the border south... But alas, the end of United States sovereignty has been given the stamp of approval by Congress through NAFTA, and the decline of jobs for legal American citizens and places in college for their children are A-Okay and approved as well as supported by the administration and congress OUR tax dollars support. So, longshoremen say goodbye to your jobs as we open our borders to the new capitalists... Two websites have much more information on these issues: Selous Foundation; here; Bye Bye Birdie; Government run amuk; Letter; and U.S. English. I urge you to write to the Selous Foundation at 325 Pennsylvania Avenue, S.E., Post Office Box 97207, Washington, D.C., 20090-7207 and ask for their map of the NAFTA Superhighway that will carve up American and destroy cities and farms and more throughout the middle of these our United States. Their phone number is 202-547-6963.


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