Monday, October 08, 2007

God bless American Truckers and Garth Brooks!

I've taken a bit of a "time out" for the last month or so for rest and traveling across part of this nation that I love. Today, I have been driving miles upon miles along Interstate 81 from Tennessee into Virginia - the mountains of Virginia so much like the west coast of Scotland. Traveling with me have been long silver trucks - sunlight glittering from their sides like trout nipping at insects on the top of a still lake - sleek black-sided trucks, snowy white trucks - the truckers haulin' ass, keeping our American commerce alive. Trucks driven by AMERICAN truckers, hauling goods loaded by longshoremen and teamsters - and all threatened by NAFTA and the SPP, an anti-American workers "treaty" agreeded to with a wink and a nod by Fox, Martin, and Bush between Mexico, the United States of America, and Canada with no Senatorial discussion or vote. Soon we'll see our highways flooded by Mexican truckers putting all of our lives at risk, carrying goods shipped and unloaded at ports in southern Mexico. {Yep, we really got 'em when we stopped the Dubai ports deal.] I love American truckers. They are always without fail good to me as we fly along the interstate together. I am passing through the section of Virginia's mountains settled by folks from Scotland before they picked up stakes and moved to Texas after the Civil War. And Garth Brooks is belting out "Ireland, I'm coming home. I can see your waving fields of green and fences made of stone..." But what goods are my truckers hauling - cheap junk from China and Mexico. Even the badges our Boy Scouts earn are "made in China" and loaded with lead. Can't the Boy Scouts spend a few more dollars and have the badges "made in America"? And to our everlasting shame, we have killed 45-50 MILLION Americans since 1973 - infanticide by any definition and some look askance at the women in Africa who, following tribal custom, smash the skull of their first born against the rocks of a river or creek bed. Well, I cannot return to the Ireland or Scotland of my ancestors. My American roots go deep back to the religious tyranny of some early 1630's settlers. We ended that tyranny and now are opting for other forms of tyranny. Perhaps the Freedom our founders fought for is a fragile thing which requires a viligance and personal responsibility many Americans today seem to want to abdicate to the federal government. Or perhaps we are so consumed with paying bills and keeping one step ahead of whatever we're staying ahead of that we don't see our freedoms slipping away much, much too quickly. I weep for the destruction and erosion of our nation's sovereignty brought about by our very own government - all designed to return us to feudalism, you know the drill... All in the name of globalism and the new world order. But for today, for this drive, for the American truckers, for the songs of Garth Brooks - as the sun rises over the mountains - the haze lifting, the truckers independent and company men and women alike, you lift my heart, you and Garth Brooks give me hope. We are Americans, citizens of the United States of America. Yes, we are arrogant and proud and we habitually get just about everyone else angry at us (they don't send our money back, however), but OUR sons and daughters fight and die that others may fight with us and taste, grasp the stirring breath of freedom abroad. We must not allow the ursurption of our freedoms here at home in the name of "security". WE are the nation, our "elected" leaders are not. It is we who give our nation breath and life by the Grace of God - as in the God of Judeo-Christianity upon which this nation was founded. {Did a little reading about Haggar and her son, Ishmael - well, that explained quite a bit.] Dear Lord, I love this nation, our people. Give us direction and strength to follow your guidance and to say, "This nation belongs to the AMERICAN people!" The United States of America belongs to us; WE the people! God bless our American truckers and Garth Brooks!

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Blogger falcon_01 said...

Welcome back! We really need to take this country back from the politicians selling it off. I heard about the Scout badges... that on top of the bibs, on top of the formaldehyde dipped "onesies," the poisoned food, etc. just keeps cementing the fact that they are committing acts of war with the long-term intention of destroying our youth. No bullets need fly in this war if things continue long enough.
Between poisoned goods from China, islamic financial, legal, and physical jihad, illegal criminal invasion, and the politicians intent on leading us down the destructive paths- we certainly have our work cut out for us...

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