Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Multiculturalist Americans - The Lords of Adolescense?

Once the land of the free and the home of the brave, has the United States become the home of the perpetual adolencent? In today's Washington Times' Inside the Beltway - America's 'hush', is a commentary on a recent editorial by Diana West, Forever Children. Diana West - often quoted here - wrote essentially that Americans today just have not grown up; and this adolescent egocentricity of being forever "young" in which all worlds and civilizations are equal is bringing about the death of Western Culture. Well, I am paraphrasing and not well. See West's book, The Death of the Grown-up. My apologies to our military men and women - they have grown up and fast. But we, as a society, have no adults amongst us, hence no curfew, no rules, no border control, and moral equivalency run rampant - all demonstrated by the suffocation of "political correctness" censorship and by what West calls a more developing "level of orthodoxy". Perhaps a new religion - one of no values, no morals, and certainly no gentility or manners, certainly no shame, AND certainly no national identity which is the newest "sin" - is preversely undermining the standards and values we once held dear as a nation and standards that once held us together beyond the color of our skin to a striving for excellence and a strong sense of self as Americans. All passe today? And I thought we had only lost our gentility, our civility, our manners. No wonder we are becoming a "beggar based society" - no adults equals a loss of accountability, a loss of personal responsibility, and no maturity. And I wonder why we live in the upside-down world of Alice in Wonderland, or so it seems.... Reality has a way of catching up; of making us pay our dues! What and how high will the cost be for our journey into what I hope will only be a momentary "insanity"?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to worry, but you don't need to feel you're alone. I share your sentiments (and those of Diana West) and so do many others. In fact, I was talking with my wife on this very subject less than 10 minutes ago and she, having just read Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is coming up to speed on this too.

Keep up your spirits; truth and justice and beauty will prevail.

4:42 PM  

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