Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Racist and Segregationist Brussels - What a shame!

It is time to relocate the headquarters of NATO and anything else the US is funding in Brussels. Paul Belren has a good editorial today, Europe's jackboot progressives that's worth a look. Segregation, separatism, and Islamic intolerance is supported by every US dollar we send to Brussels. It is past time to stop that "Alice in Wonderland" upside-down nonsense. With Sharia Law instituted in Brussels and gaining more support throughout Europe, Brussels has instituted segregated public swimming pool hours for Muslim women and approved demonstrations for groups perpetrating the fraud that violent militant Muslims following the true faith as expounded in the Qur'an did not blow-up the Twin Towers, et al. Mohammed Atta must be disappointed that his packed wedding suit went for naught. The SIOE, Stop the Islamization of Europe, group cannot protest peacefully on September 11th against the institution of Islamic Law throughout Europe - law that would make even discussing Islam and its associate brutality toward its own women, beheadings, intolerance, segregation from the "host" culture, Islamic terrorism, and the like a criminal act. Why no demonstration? The mayor of Muslim Brussels says the demonstration by SIOE would incite discrimination and racism. Ho, ho, ho!!! Maybe the Muslim ladies - the ones beaten and bruised - swimming during the racist, segregationist designated swimming times in public pools will get a chuckle out of that one. Islamofascism is thriving in the heart of the former Nazi Europe and what Hitler could have only dreamed of is coming to pass in England. The "jackbooted" thugs of today cower behind the chains of "political correctness" and under the black shrouds of women enslaved in burkas but still swimming in peace. "Peace be upon them" as their husbands beat them like bred chattel - a role these women accept as their lot with slavery as their place. They may have waved their purple-tipped fingers when they voted in Iraq but they are still valued as only 1/2 a person when testifying in court. Maybe the racist American elite left is right when they say as they do about Iraqis that Muslims are just incapable of living in liberty and freedom and tolerance - you know, the same racist trype that says a black American really can't be a Republican and if he proclaims Republican values - free enterprise, smaller government, anti-socialism - he's a race-traitor. Hmmm... Once again, I leave you with this reference: Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America. What will it take for Americans to wake up? Illegal aliens are already murdering over 12,000 Americans a year in America; Michael Chertoff has a "gut feeling" - good basis for fear; and the Border Patrol head honcho says the Border Patrol is only there to stop "terrorists", and our own government is not defending our nation right here at home. Yep, what will it take? And we move backward to segregation and "special" religious treatment for Muslims - those footwashing stations and prayer rooms in public schools - yep, it'll take something to knock some sense into us that Islam, although it may have a "spiritual" side is a political ideology and is right now pushing for world dominance one little prayer room at a time. You better eat up those yummy hotdogs and drink that cold beer at ball games 'cause those days are numbered. They've gotta be offensive to someone. Right?


Blogger Cassandra said...

There's more beach,
Appeal at the Council of State has declined to take the matter into consideration. This was the Flemish court, while - for dark reason - it should have been lodged at the French one. Clearly procrastination or a delaying tactic until its too late.
Secondly the khalifascist mayor has okeyed the demo on 9/11 by the pro Hezbollah Arab European league against "Racism and xenophobia". I fear the matter has been allowed to fester for far too long and this is the result.
People died for this...

2:49 PM  
Blogger Cassandra said...

Sorry Beach, misinformed you just now. AEL still no mayoral permission for manifestation on 9/11, but I think we'll seriously have to consider the possibility.

4:25 PM  
Blogger MK said...

Greetings BG, leftie elites might think that Muslims are just incapable of living in liberty and freedom and tolerance.. if what's going on in Europe is anything to go by, so are lefties.

9:56 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Ah, yes, which is why "they" are such strange bedfellows with the Islamonazi crowd - er, we are having a flap here about Craig (a Republican Senator) and perhaps a dalliance into a non-hetero sexual thing.

Well, Barnie Frank, our out-right flaming Democrat bastion of homosexuality in the Congress whose one-time partner ran a sex-for-hire homosexual prostitution business out of the good copngresshuman's "home" without Barnie Frank's knowledge, so claimed, may find himself on the wrong side of the fence with the Sharia Law pushers. I'm not certain but I think they - the Islamonazis - take a very dim view of homosexuality. Wife-beating is great, marrying as many brood chattel as possible is grand, every man needs as many wombs as he can afford, but homosexuality, hmm... But I know I've read something about camel jockys someplace...

MK, the US is just as tied in knots. We just can't see it yet 'cause most people who would rather live off of my income are trampling themselves to get their welfare checks.

Alas, we shall soon see because I do not think the day is too far in the future before the idiots - excuse me, the jihadists - the true followers of that blood-thirsty "he who shall not be named" and "he who converted Christian North Africa by the sword" will call set off a good old bomb someplace and we will retaliate and it won't take us several months to do it.

I don't want to see us killed by these psychopaths but seems like something has to wake us up and strike off the chains of this politically correct insanity. For myself, I'm sick of it and pray for a Gen. Patton or a Gen. Pershing or both.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Cassandra, you didn't mislead me or my friends. The permission to the AEL just hasn't been signed yet - it will be and they know it. The muslim poodle mayor is just waiting to make it official; the AEL folks know it's a go.

9:31 AM  

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