Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Taxation without representation! Judicial Tyranny in Virginia...

Well, you thought we had a revolution against "taxation without representation" back in 1776 or so and we did but, judicial tyranny reigns in the Commonwealth of Virginia today as reflected in the news article, Unelected body granted power to tax for roads. Maybe it's time for another Boston Tea Party in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The Supreme Court gutted our private property rights in Kelo vs New London, Connecticut so we have the illusion of owning our own homes but only until a developer can grease the skids or line the pockets of "elected" officials to condemn our property to sell it to another private party. Pretty soon there won't be much Motherhood and apple pie to fight for, will there? So, it should come as no surprise that one lone judge in Northern Virginia has given an unelected group, the so-called Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, the "power" to raise our taxes on home sales, car safety inspections, and any place else they can find to slap on a fee or a tax. After all, the voting citizens of Northern Virginia and the Hampton Roads area voted "regional taxation authorities" DOWN with overwhelming votes of NO and we've been fighting this ever since at least 2000. One Republican governor-hopeful, Jerry Kilgore, lost largely because he supported this insanity. One Republican State Senator just lost his party's primary vote because he supported this "regional taxation" idea - former Senator Marty Williams. Republicans would rather risk the loss of the seat than have a person represent them who clearly supported the scheme the judge has upheld. So, where'd we store our feathers, war paint, and barrels of tea? Time to dig them out of the closet and dust 'em off...


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