Saturday, August 04, 2007

Islamic terrorists, evil spawn of Globalists and Theocracy?

Last night I ranted a bit about "multiculturalism" and how the concept has been put into practice for decades to erode and reduce the planet to a globe without nations in Multiculturalism, infectious globalism now pandemic!. The consequences of breaking down Western Civilization and destroying weaker developing nations are becoming more apparent daily with the chaos and confusion along with the feeling of defenselessness as citizens watch their governments, once the bastions of national sovereignty, actively work to introduce hoards of people from very divergent cultures into once stabilized nations. For Globalists and the One World Order crowd, the League of Nations was a failure but then too is the United Nations in being the panacea to cure all ills. The hypocrisy of the United Nations is chronicled in a myriad of places, not the least of which is Screw the UN and books such as The Tower of Babble: How the United Nations has fueled Global Chaos by Dore Gold. A biography of Dore Gore can be found here. For an interview with Gold on Saudi Arabia's funding and providing safe refuge for al-Qaeda, the following may be of interest, The War on America is not over". So the answer, tear the nations down from within through "multiculturalism" and then censor all honest discussion through "political correctness." My simple question in this post is this: Is Islamic terrorism an unintended consequence of the globalists effort at "world" dominance? Has "multiculturalism" - with the help of American and European liberal Socialists - become the effective and efficient method of spreading Islamic terrorism? Many of us have written about the clash of "cultures" and the current Islamic push for Islamic domination as being one more battle in the centuries-old war between Christianity and Islam. I believe that is still true at the ground level; the soldier-to-soldier level. But is the reality more sinister than that? I have to wonder if Globalists - along with their Leftist Socialists - intended to give birth to violent Islamic terrorism or was it somehow an "accident" of conception that, with the advent of "multiculturalism" and the establishing of Islamic beach heads in Western nations, the physical world leaders of Islam saw their chance to move into the destabilized nations of the West? Western leaders are begging for them to migrate, so why not oblige? We thought we had "defeated" Communism; we believe in national sovereignty. The Globalists seem to believe that all the world should be "third world" and powerful nations brought to heel. The Socialists seem to believe that my hard-earned dollars belong to them to give to their "beggar-based constituency" (coined by Rush Limbaugh I believe). The Globalists depend on people being able to "buy" things to keep the Globalists power in place. The Socialists seem to believe in reducing us all to submission. For purposes of this post, I see the Globalists and Socialists as one, just perhaps with different methods toward reaching their respective end of world domination. And along comes the 7th Century blushing bride - Islamic Theocracy which believes that its "physical leaders" are destined to rule the world. A marriage frought with all manner of consequences. But before the honeymoon, whoops, their bastards - Islamic terrorists - blinked their eyes in this "brave new world" of "one world order" and said, "Yowsah! This multiculturalism was made for us. We can hide anywhere and cry that we are victims. That'll work." Are violent Islamic terrorists the intended spawn of the "one world order" crowd to keep us off balance and to enable them to chain us in the world of "Real ID" cards, microchips in the butt, or are the violent Islamic terrorists just an accident that needs to be aborted before the grand designs of the Globalists go up in smoke?

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