Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Arab Princesses better than the rest of us?

Are the Arab princesses that were kicked off the British Airways flight better than the rest of us? Of course. They are followers of Islam; we are dirty kuffars! Dung, dirt. You know the rest. I say "three cheers" for British Airways! All passengers deserve respect but all passengers have to follow the same "rules". When reading Arab princesses kicked off British Airways, I found it curious that Qatar has a consulate in Milan, Italy????? But to the bigger question, with all those oil dollars, can't Emirs build shopping "centers" for the ladies so that they don't have to fly to Milan and inconvenience the rest of us? Shame on the Emirs! Shame on the ladies for once again showing the tolerance of Islam. No, the rest of us simply won't bow or submit to your plans to dominate us. To the British Airways pilot - if you get tossed into a "diverstiy" training and re-education camp, just keep that smile behind your face! I'm hoping British Airways stands with you although I hear they have apologized. For what? I'm sure the Emir could buy or owns his own plane. Give me a break! I'm really sure that non-related males on that plane had little or no interest in the Arab ladies and simply wanted to reach the destination they'd paid good money to reach. To the little princesses, when in Rome, you have to follow Roman law, at least until we all surrender to the intolerant racism that seems to define Islam.

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Blogger Yid With Lid said...

Sorry Beach Girl, but I must object to your characterization of our Muslim brothers, they do NOT think we are dung, they think we are Pigs..wait or is it APES...Damn I get soooo confused

8:51 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

I love you, Yid with Lid. Well, of course, you are confused - 'cause we're all just dirty kuffars! At least "we" (all the folks who are not followers of Mohammed - that is curious. His name has "ham" in it. Hmm...) are all hated equally by our Muslim brothers, that is by the "good" Muslims who follow the Koran and want to whack off our heads.

Where is Good Queen Bess, as in Elizabeth I? Now that gal could show folks a thing or two about defeating one's enemies. I'll bet she could teach those males in England a thing or two about shish kebabs, skewers, and drawing and quarting stuff.

I'm just feeling a little silly this morning, need to get some coffee.

Question: did you just make up an e-mail list so we can all be notified when you post on something fun? I need to do that too. Any tips? Help needed.

Ain't it grand to see real racism and gender discrimination and not be the one guilty of it. Ah, the illusion of superiority.

Thanks for stopping by.

9:06 AM  
Blogger Yid With Lid said...

I always post something fun..Today I posted about how I am proud to be Islamophobic

9:25 AM  
Blogger falcon_01 said...

Glad to see the spirit of Rosa Parks alive and well somewhere in the world! Too bad they will all be sued and face mandatory surrender training.

Borrowed from someone on LGF: DAHIJ


11:23 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

How about, "Proud to be an Islama-phobe...." Checking it out now.

1:42 PM  

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