Saturday, July 14, 2007

Far-left extremists and Islamists: same goal, different method

From time to time, different editorial writers will talk about the "culture of death" when they refer to the "religion of peace". You know, the bombings, beheadings, fatwas, and such. It just occurred to me that they and the extreme far-left Liberals, internationally and some in our Senate as well are really very much aligned. They just have different means to their end. Mark Steyn, in America Alone, details how successful one group has been through delineating the declining birth rates throughout Western Civilization. Back to... Under the battle cry of "a woman's right to choose", the extreme far-left seems to want to "abort", as in exterminate, every baby that is conceived before birth. At least in Senatorial rants in support of "partial birth abortion" that seems a fair assessment. The violent, radical Islamist terrorist extremists want to "kill" the infidel. Of course, by that time, we are at least born. In any event, they both want the same thing - us dead!


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