Monday, July 16, 2007

President Nicolas Sarkozy - a man for our times?

President Nicolas Sarkozy - a man for our times? I know hope is for "suckers" but I must admit that I hope Sarkozy is the man to pull Europe back from the growing slid into Islamic Republics. The news from Holland is not good as pointed out by R. Hartman in Bad news from Holland where officials seem to know little about Islam and its political ideology. Merv brings us, Just war against Islamist terrorist in which we
"look at the way Arabs are being killed by al-Qaeda in the Anbar province of Iraq or at the murders of barbers in Basra, or the decision by an Iranian court to order a 43-year-old woman named Mokarrameh Ebrahimi to be stoned to death for adultery, which Amnesty International says 'beggars belief'... Brutality has come to signify purity of faith among the followers of radicalised sects just as it did for the mass murderers of the Khmer Rouge...."
On top of this we have 4,000 al Qaeda trainees sent to UK from Prairie Pundit. The West and Western Civilization need a man for our time, a man who will defend our culture and preserve our way of life. Of course, we must do our part by becoming informed and by informing our politicians. But today, by chance, I came across President Sarkozy's recent speech at Epinal, France on July 12, 2007. I was unable to take notes quickly enough but here is some of what he said - paraphrased, naturally - please forgive errors.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy spoke of accountability in government as well as accountability of the French people themselves. He encouraged all citizens to assume the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a secular society. Essentially, people who do not support the secularism that is France - should not remain there. The French are one people under secular law.
To me, Nicolas Sarkozy is the hope of France, the hope of Europe, and perhaps the hope of Western Civilization, a man who can focus our attention and our goals of maintaining our democratic republics in the face of the relentless and ruthless push of Islamic fundamentalism which is seeking world domination through terrorism, through extortion, through law suits, and through any and all forms of intimidation available. See Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America. But Sarkozy sits there in France with the largest international training site for terrorists right across the channel in Great Britain, flourishing in London itself. Back to his points - paraphrased and subtle -
if one wants an Islamic Europe, more specifically, an Islamic France, their energies are wasted, they should go back to and modernize Islamic republics to move into the 21st Century moving them from barbarism to civility - freeing women from slavery, freeing "dhimmis" from the brutality of the Islamic regime or they should mire Islam's followers further into the mire of the past. The case can be made that Muslims who want freedom should stay in their countries and work for that goal. Wisely, he stated that there would be no amnesties coming from his office. He pointed out the importance of discussing issues including the issue of the judiciary and its move to take over or usurp legislative power or responsibilities. He is clearly not in favor of judges taking power over legislative authority. "I want open dialogue on issues. We should never fear debate."
Perhaps, he hasn't yet had Islamists push for "hate speech" laws as they are in the United States that would end debate. He stressed, "The goal of my effort is that we have new values toward work." He seems very much opposed to the capital-killing taxes on people who work while those taxes provide support to people who don't contribute and don't work. He ended with "Long live the Republic. Long live France!" Will Nicholas Sarkozy be the Winston Churchill of our times? I don't know. All I know is that we need Western leaders who see the threat and deal with it, not turn their toes up and assume room temperature. So, "Long live the Republic. Long live France!" To Nicholas Sarkozy - good luck and godspeed. We may all be depending on you and your efforts to set things aright in your "secular" society and in doing so, set an example for other Western European leaders to follow. First, the EU needs to be weakened along with the weakening of international judges usurping the will of any given nation's citizens. Then onward to liberty!

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Blogger R. Hartman said...

If only I could share your trust in Sarkozy. But I don't. The French, like the Dutch, have rejected the European Constitution back in 2005. Sarkozy will make sure the French won't get that chance again, Like Balkenende will try everything to achieve the same in NL. Sarkozy has spoken out against the Islamist thugs in the ban-lieus, but he's not taking any real action.

Instead he's very much in favor of the EU Constitution. One reason may be that he can then hide behind the EU's official position that immigration control is no longer a national policy, but a European one. And the EU is very much in favor of Eurabia. The anti-hate-speech laws in the US you refer to were preceded by the same in the EU. The UN already has a special Envoy for monitoring racism and xenophobia who will see to it that these laws are not being violated, and that goes as far as indicting people for reporting factual situations that 'hurt' Islam. Theres's plenty of info on GoV.

With Sarkozy supporting these politics (and Climatism) I'm very much in doubt that he'll be Europe's, or even France's, saviour. Not that the French had much choice in the matter; Royale would have undoubtedly been even worse.

3:34 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Hartman, I'm disappointed to hear this. On Gates of Vienna - right now, the Baron cannot get to his blog to post. Blogger has classified it as a "spam" blog.


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