Saturday, July 14, 2007

Britain's PM Brown warns against Cabinet wrecking relationship with US

Brown warns Cabinet not to wreck relationship with US may be too little, too late in a nation whose leaders cannot even say "Islamist terrorists". To heck with the speech of Douglas Alexander causing "offence in parts of the Bush administration" with his statements that "other states (nations) should abide by international rules on the use of military force, and put more effort inot building than destroying." When you, Mr. Alexander, have had to watch rescue and cadaver dogs work their way through the rubble that was the Twin Towers then speak to US about "international rules". Good gawd a'mighty! From the news article, "Ordinarily, correspondence within the Cabinet is kept secret, but Downing Street last night revealed Mr. Brown's letter describes the bond with the US as "the single most important bilateral relationship for the UK." Don't worry! Americans may think that Britain's government is putting its people at risk but here at home, we don't have to "think" it. We see it with 12-20,000,000 illegal aliens and thousands of Middle Eastern men getting college educations right here. To Britain, Americans - the citizens - will never let you down. We'd swim the pond to help keep you safe if you asked. Right now, I only ask that you "clean up" and "toss out" the Islamic terrorists in your midst sucking from the welfare trough and making plans to destroy us all. And where is there better entertainment in the entire world than to watch the PM speak/answer questions and defend positions than the English Parliment? No better TV in town. You Brits do that right! Fun and fiery! And the Back Benchers! Grand, simply grand! This is why we worry over here across the pond: Europe - The Dawn of Islamic Europe from USS Neverdock. Gird your loins and do as they scream at President Bush regarding war in Iraq, make a course correction. The civilized world needs you to do that. You are Vienna, 1683.


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