Thursday, July 19, 2007

Musharraf, "Where is Jimmy Carter when I need him?"

Well, I'm certain Musharraf would not be calling for any help from Jimmy Carter. We know how that story ended in Iran. Good old Jimmy! A Shah's best friend and the a good guy all around for the violent fundamentalist Islamic terrorists. Well, if not "a good guy all around", at least a wee helper. Can anyone spell Panama Canal? And how many days did the terrorist, Mad Jad, hold those Americans? Just read a short blurb in the National Review. All right, now you know. I'm conservative. The issue is dated July 30, 2007. The blurb is in "The Week" and pertains to the Red Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan. As we know, the fellows leading the mosque and the two schools were preaching overthrow of the government. Their purpose being to "install a Taliban-type regime, by force if necessary." No surprise here. But has Musharraf waited too long to take on the violent Islamic extremists? Nope - my money is on Musharraf. Best of all there ain't no Jimmy to "help" him. ...either Musharraf "allows the Islamists to take over or to overpower them." The stakes are high. Musharraf will hold the Islamists back; he knows the danger and the threat even if our "open borders" destroyers of American sovereignty don't. If Musharraf fails, we won't be talking about an Islamic state trying to get nuclear weapons. Pakistan has them. Then it's beans and rice all 'round. But like Musharraf, our government is getting dangerously close to internal striff by allowing and encouraging Saudi-funded mosques and Islamist training schools to flourish right here in America. And all in the name of a "religion" which is a political ideology dressed in skirts. We shut down the Holy Land Foundation for a few years but then they were "only helpin' the poor and all." Wake up America! Disclaimer: not all Muslims are terrorists; but ALL terrorists are Muslims. Hmmm....


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

A great post, up until this point:

"but ALL terrorists are Muslims."

That's not true. "NEARLY ALL"?

Grade: A-


9:06 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, Yankee! And back at cha - :)

11:55 PM  

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