Tuesday, July 17, 2007

America and Iraq - we must finish the job!

Ban presses U.S. to use 'caution' in leaving Iraq, by Betsy Pisik, published July 17, 2007. Well, this is one time I agree with aspects of what U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has suggested regarding our withdrawal from Iraq. To be blunt, Americans want "victory"; we want our military men and women to come home a "heroes" from Iraq. It is not a matter of whether the policies of President George W. Bush "fail or succeed" as is the battle cry of the "politicians to the bone" and not a Statesman among them unless one looks to Senator Dorgan of North Dakota. The Demon-crats see a Bush policy success as their failure and our troops be damned - by them. I just want us to get the sectarian groups killing each other while we "protect" the Iraqis right there in Iraq until the dust settles. Of course, keep going after al-Qaeda and the Saudi fighters and Iranian military that have interjected themselves into the battle and who make up the predominance of "insurgents" in Iraq. Let's let our troops do their job; let them come home victors with "ticker-tape" parades. Just for a few months, let's ban together as Americans and demand that the Senate act like Statesmen at least. From Pisik's news article: ~~~~~~~~~
NEW YORK — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged U.S. policy-makers yesterday to exercise "great caution" in considering any rapid withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has warned that Iraq might fall into chaos if U.S. troops withdraw too quickly. "It is not my place to inject myself into this discussion taking place between the American people, government and Congress," said Mr. Ban, who was expected to repeat the message during meetings on Capitol Hill today. "But I'd like to tell you that a great caution should be taken for the sake of the Iraqi people," he said at a U.N. press conference. "Any abrupt withdrawal or decision may lead to a further deterioration." Mr. Ban's visit to Washington comes as Congress debates a number of measures aimed at forcing the Bush administration to begin winding down its troop involvement in Iraq. Senate Democratic leaders said yesterday they are close to securing enough Republican support to pass a measure calling for a troop withdrawal to begin by the end of the year. Other international critics of the war are also warning that a premature U.S. departure from Iraq could have devastating consequences. "I hated the Iraq war, [but] a hasty withdrawal would be dangerous for Iraq, for the region and for U.S. interests," International Crisis Group analyst Joost Hiltermann said in Washington yesterday. He argued in favor of a regional approach to Iraq's problems. Several Arab diplomats and leaders of relief agencies also have warned that Iraq would devolve into chaos with massive casualties if the American troops left too soon. Mr. Ban also meets today with President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who are expected to ask the secretary-general to beef up the U.N. presence in Iraq. They would like the world body to do more to address the country's humanitarian needs and to support its fragile government. Mr. Ban said he also plans to brief the Americans on a U.N. timetable for installing a hybrid African-international peacekeeping force in Darfur, a priority for both the international organization and the Bush administration... African soldiers are expected to form the bulk of the Darfur force, but Western technical, logistical and financial support will be necessary to get the effort off the ground. Mr. Ban said the U.S. contribution "would be immensely important," but declined to be more specific about U.S. involvement.
~~~~~~~~~~ Give our military what they need to do the job; step back and let them do their jobs without all the sophomoric ploys the Senate and House are engaged in. They are not the Commander-in-Chief. Just for once during this long war, let the Commander-in-Chief and our Generals do their jobs. On Darfur, America must absolutely keep our forces out of the engagement.

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Blogger MK said...

I wonder if the leftists who were crowing for the US to listen back then will be following their own advice now.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Leftists following their own advice? MK, "L" is for lemming and incidentally for "Liberal Leftist".

12:07 PM  

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