Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sunni extremists slaughter Shiites in Northern Iraq

Officials report massacre in Diyala. In the report, Shiite villagers were massacred by Sunni extremists. With all due respect, what we are seeing in Iraq and globally including in the United States is the extremists of Islam, both Sunnis and Shiites - let's say Saudi Arabia and Iran - duking it out for world domination. Don't give me the song and dance that Islam is a "religion of peace" or that we need to pull out of Iraq. Like it or not, beat him up or not, President Bush is right in saying that he wants to take the "battle" to Muslim terrorists. That is what he has done and must keep doing so that they focus on destroying each other. Although our Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, has all but promised us an al-Qaeda attack on American soil this summer, many terrorists are congregating in Iraq and fighting each other there. Terrorist threat against U.S. said serious, well now, that rather let's our leaders off the hook, right? I know courageous American men and women are working behind the scenes to counter the jihadists, the Muslim terrorists, attacks, so I do not speak to disparage them. Rather, I speak to our leaders who are not fulfilling their duties to close our borders, deport people from "terrorist-sponoring" nations, including folks here on H1-B visas from Saudi Arabia. Still and all, with no direction about how we average Americans can help, that "gut feeling" still makes me feel warm and fuzzy. You too, I'll bet. Of course, the threat is serious. Other than further restrict Americans with Read ID cards, why doesn't our government go after the real "threats" and leave us alone? Stop the immigration for any reason of anyone from terrorist-supporting nations - should that include Great Britain as well?


Blogger MK said...

"...should that include Great Britain as well?"

An entirely valid question, given the recent weak-knees approach the new PM seems to have taken.

7:50 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

MK. I think Britain should be on the list, especially as they have become the "terrorists" capital of the world. I "ain't" goin' there any time soon.

Of course, don't have to 'cause our "leaders" assure us of an al-Qaeda attack this summer. Whoopee!

12:05 PM  

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