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Violent Islamist Extremism: Senate Homeland Security Committee Hearing today

Today, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs will continue its hearings to "examine violent Islamist extremism, focusing on the European experience." They must begin to see this violent Islamist extremism from our "American experience" and accept that the "enemy" is within the gates, gnawing at our will bit-by-bit. Please encourage your Senator to look at the very real Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America. [Note to my friends in Europe, Finland, England, et al: I suspect this Twenty Year Plan applies to you as well.] You and your Senator can see the very real plan to replace our pluralistic, secular democratic republic with Islamic Law, Sharia Law. This is serious. One of the reasons I have been so consistent in my opposition to S.1639, Unaccompanied Alien Child Protection Act of 2007 (a.k.a. - Immigration Bill), is because the bill makes provisions for about 12 to 20,000 terrorists (who have over-stayed legal visas or have crossed the border with Mexican nationals) to gain their own "pathway to citizenship" and to furthering the implementation of the "Twenty Year Plan" through intimidation - actual attacks or the threat of attacks.
S.1639 which is being rammed down our throats actually helps advance the violent Islamists' aims by importing through visas the very people who will over-stay a visa and, potentially implement violence against our nation (Can anyone say, Mohammed Atta? And one of the terrorist hijackers received a visa after he had killed himself along with 3,000 Americans.). Additionally, to add insult to injury, many "other-than-Mexicans" may well receive legal status and be about their way sowing fear among us. We don't need more enemies. I ask you to please read the following questions and add ones of your own. Contact your Senator on the committee or your Senator who may get reports from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Our lives do depend upon us "waking up" to this real threat to our way of life, right here in America. 11:30 a.m. Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs To continue hearings to examine violent Islamist extremism, focusing on the European experience. SD-342 Members: If your Senator is on the committee, please contact him, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, and ask questions. Lieberman, Joseph I. (CT) , Chairman Levin, Carl (MI) Akaka, Daniel K. (HI) Carper, Thomas R. (DE) Pryor, Mark L. (AR) Landrieu, Mary L. (LA) Obama, Barack (IL) McCaskill, Claire (MO) Tester, Jon (MT) Collins, Susan M. (ME), Ranking Member Stevens, Ted (AK) Voinovich, George V. (OH) Coleman, Norm (MN) Coburn, Tom (OK) Domenici, Pete V. (NM) Warner, John (VA) Sununu, John E. (NH) Some questions and the reasons when not clearly obvious from the question: Today the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs will hold hearings regarding the increase of Muslim organizations into our government agencies either through “funding” in the form of grants from US tax dollars or witnesses will recommend increased inclusion of Muslim organizations into integral relationships with government. Please see Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America. The Twenty-Year Plan explains the strategy clearly with no room for misunderstanding. Should we use the tax dollars of American citizens to fund terrorist front groups and to hasten our fall into Islamic Law, the ending of our freedoms and the suppression of our women? The witnesses scheduled for today are: Martin and Kathwari. Our Senators need to work toward increasing the awareness of the Senate at large and the American people of the threat posed by violent Islamist extremism and the men who “carry the water” for them. These are dangerous times. Would America, in days gone by, give money to Hitler’s government to fund the Hitler Youth Program? An estimated 26% of Muslim youth in America believe that suicide bombing is an acceptable and honorable method to inflict upon their fellow American citizens in order to inflict change. These young men are getting encouraged to accept this. Who's teaching them such treachery? 1. Most of the groups who helped author the report, which recommended huge increases in grants and support for all Muslim organizations, are also likely to receive those future grants. Question: Why would the witnesses lend their reputations to such an obvious conflict of interest and violation of common sense ethics? Question: How much were the witnesses paid to produce the report, conduct the task force project or otherwise involve themselves in this project over 18 months? Who paid them? What were the sources of the money? [Note: The Muslim Islamists among us want us to fund our own demise. Of course they do.] 2. Congressional investigations, executive agency reports and investigative journalists have repeatedly exposed the tens of millions of dollars going to Muslim American associations from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Islamic states to expand their lobbying and PR machines. [Remember a former Senator and a former Secretary of State lobbying for the Dubai Ports Deal?]
Question: Can these witnesses cite instances where Christian, Jewish, Bahai or Hindu groups in these Islamic states have been permitted equal rights to lobby those governments, practice their religions, or in fact gathered in any religious expression without being jailed? Question: Have they personally ever asked for equal treatment of other religions in the countries which are sending tens of millions of dollars to American Muslim groups to ask for special accommodations in the US, superior to the rights of other religions? 3. Question: Have they now or in the past received any payments as agents of a foreign power to represent any of the Islamic countries sending tens of millions of dollars to the Islamist lobby? Have they or any group with which they are affiliated received any grants or contracts from a foreign power? Are they registered as an agent of a foreign power? If not, why not, if they are representing the interests of foreign powers such as Saudi clerics and the Muslim Brotherhood? 4. Their report includes task force members whose organizations, such as CAIR, are associated with terrorist groups such as Hamas. Question: Do the witnesses themselves specifically support Hamas, Hezbollah, or the Muslim Brotherhood? Have they had any communications, or received any payments from Hamas, Hezbollah, or any groups in the US or elsewhere associated with the Muslim Brotherhood? Do they anticipate, after publishing their report and testifying before this committee, to receive future payments from such organizations? 5. The Task force members include members of two associations - CAIR and ISNA - who are named as un-indicted co-conspirators by federal prosecutors in the Holy Land investigation starting in Dallas Texas on July 16, Holy Land Foundation Investigation. CAIR is a spin-off of the defunct Islamic Association for Palestine, launched by Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook and former university professor Sami al-Arian, who pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to provide services to Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Several CAIR staffers have been convicted on terrorism-related charges, and CAIR founder Omar Ahmad allegedly told a group of Muslims they are in America not to assimilate but to help assert Islam's rule over the country. Yet the witnesses' report, in the section on national security, states "Public statements by senior officials acknowledging the significance of Muslim American contributions to national security and emphasizing the importance of not holding any group accountable for the actions of a few would help build public acceptance and understanding of the community." Question: Is it your position that groups such as CAIR and ISNA should not be held accountable for their affiliation with terrorist groups such as Hamas and their refusal to disavow Hamas by name? ~~~~~~~~~ Please contact your Senator. Everything is of a piece and that piece is the radical transformation of the United States from a democratic republic to an ever increasingly servant of Islam. The manner of domination from Islamists can take many forms, some so subtle we won't even recognize they have occurred such as the foot-washing stations at airports and in universities on "religious" grounds; the already-attempted covering of a Muslim woman's face for a driver's license; the inclusion of prayer rooms in public schools; requests for food acceptable to Muslim children in schools to replace good old American staples such as the hotdog. Some more apparent through our deference to the United Nations - never a fan of the United States of America. Please become informed if you are not already. Our very way of life depends upon you being informed and taking non-violent action. Thank you for taking your time to read this long post. God bless the United States of America and its people who make it strong. Related posts to consider: Do US policies fuel Islamophobia? And in the latest example of Presidential Dhimmitude, the Baron brings us: Sir, Have you no shame?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting article.

SAN FRANCISCO - When it comes to spy novels and Middle East intrigue, after 16 spell-binding years, the gripping story behind the Middle East quagmire - its issues of nuclear weapons and the quest for a Palestinian State - is finally being told in a ground-breaking new book entitled, THE PALESTINE CONSPIRACY.

Author Robert Spirko created the work in such a way that every reader in the world would understand all the intricate issues in the Middle East and how close the region actually came to the brink of nuclear Armageddon. THE PALESTINE CONSPIRACY, a genre spy-thriller by Robert Spirko, was fourth on the best-seller list at Atlasbooks, Inc., a national book distributor. Ingram Books is the worldwide distributor.

Mr. Spirko has a unique way of holding the reader in his grasp as the plot of THE PALESTINE CONSPIRACY unfolds. He literally takes you from your armchair and immerses you into the lifestyle of the Bedouin, the Israeli, the PLO and the mindset of the Middle-Easterner.

THE PALESTINE CONSPIRACY is not just another spy-novel; it is the quintessential spy-thriller because it forces the reader to understand how both sides "think" and why that thinking ultimately led to repeated wars in the Middle East.

Spirko, a financial and geo-political analyst, turned his attention to the Middle East in 1987, after discovering several common elements related to the Middle East question. In working for peace, and after several frustrating years, he put down his analysis in writing and when he was finished, he not only had a solution to the quagmire, he had a story to tell.

But, nobody was listening.

Today, all that has changed, thanks to Olive Grove Publishers who decided to give his book a chance.

When the Palestinian question came to a festering crisis in 1990, he had already predicted several of the actual events before they occurred. For instance, Spirko predicted the Intifada and Persian Gulf War, missing the actual invasion date of Kuwait by only one week. He did this through spectacular supposition, analysis and prediction based on what he was "seeing" in the region.

When Spirko typed his manuscript, he set the work to fiction, about what he thought might occur soon in the Middle East involving weapons of mass destruction, nuclear proliferation, the Palestinian uprising before it occurred, and how the Palestinian question begged to be answered, little did he realize that every event he described in the book would eventually transpire.

His story of what was really happening behind the scenes in the Middle East is truly astounding and remarkable, and his contribution to the Camp David Peace Talks in 2000, formulated a solution to the Jerusalem question. When the BBC got wind of it, they termed it "as nothing short of brilliant" - Jerusalem becoming the simultaneous capitals of both Israel and Palestine in congruous or concentric zones.

Spirko originally copyrighted his book on October 20, 1987, in the U. S.
Library of Congress where intelligence agencies reviewed his work.

Today, finally, somebody is listening.

Spirko feels that both sides must return to the Camp David Peace Talks and resume where they left off and "freeze in place" the already-agreed-upon negotiating points.

“It's like a marriage where both spouses storm away mad in an argument.
They don't divorce and then try to resume their relationship, they come back together, settle their differences, and resume their marriage. It must be the same for the Middle East Peace talks," Spirko says.

The story begins in Beirut, Lebanon, once a great financial capital of the Middle East, which lay in ruin, having been systematically blasted to rubble during 20 years of inexhaustible civil war and siege by Israel, the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah and Lebanese factions. Soon, the quest for a Palestinian State would be framed by these events; namely, the invasion of Kuwait by a neighboring rogue state, Iraq, with Saddam Hussein's goal of seeking nuclear parity with Israel.

In Mr. Spirko's story, Rick Waite, a forgotten UPI correspondent, and Adrienne Waters, a Pulitzer Prize journalist from the London Times, meet-up in Beirut with a PLO operative named Ahmed, who discovers a secret intelligence memo about a secret plan to destroy Israel.

In the ensuing chase to find the answer to this secret communiqué and what it means, a deadly race against time begins as the unlikely trio tries to halt the launch of a secret weapon from a hidden PLO base camp in the Syrian Desert. U. S. and British intelligence operatives have their own agenda, and attempt to stop whatever is going on to save the entire region from a nuclear holocaust.

Spirko weaves a tale of chilling duplicity and thrilling action, as the characters evade and devise a method to announce the discovery of nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles to the rest of the world - all while United Nations' delegates bicker endlessly.

An executive at BookMasters, Inc., says, "The book is absolutely stunning in the manner in which Mr. Spirko, tells his tale. He is truly a master as an analyst, and it's totally unlike anything else we've ever read in a spy-thriller. It keeps you turning pages and won't let you quit - until the very end. And, what an ending it is! If you crave twisting plots, thrilling spy-action and intriguing characters, then this is the book for you."

Spirko, whose own background includes a stint in the U. S. Air Force and has given his advice to the National Security Council in Washington, D. C., has a degree in journalism and knows first-hand about the newsroom and what it takes to be an intelligence field agent. His knowledge of the trade makes the story real, daunting, and strikingly similar to "The Year of Living Dangerously."

"THE PALESTINE CONSPIRACY drips with reality," quips a book reviewer from Olive Grove Publishers. "If books were rated by Siskel & Roeper, it would be given a two-thumbs up."

Not since, Casablanca, do characters as earthy as Rick Waite, or as beautifully mysterious as London Times reporter, Adrienne Waters, or as desperate as PLO operative, Ahmed, bring fresh characters to a story that will be remembered by readers for a long time.

The novel is a mass market paperback produced by Olive Grove Publishers, and can be purchased at area bookstores through Ingram Book Group, New Leaf Distribution, and Baker and Taylor, priced at $14.99, ISBN 0-9752508-0-9. THE PALESTINE CONSPIRACY can also be ordered on the web at, or email orders from:, or from Barnes & Nobles, Border's, Dalton's, & Follett bookstores at colleges and universities, WaldenBooks,,, and other popular retail bookstores. Or, readers and store managers can call 1-800-BOOKLOG, or 800-247-6553 direct, to order.

For readers who want to know what was really going on in the Middle East prior to the Persian Gulf War, Sept. 11th, and Iraq War, THE PALESTINE CONSPIRACY, is a must read.

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Anon - leave your name next time. I love spy-novels. Thanks for the tip.

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