Tuesday, June 26, 2007

S.1639 - Senate poised to overthrow US democratic republic

With the passage of S.1639, Unaccompanied Alien Child Protection Act of 2007, the Senate in complicity with the President is poised to defy the will of 80-85% of the American people. The House of Representatives will have a chance to stop this "coup" [credit for the use of "coup" goes to Michael Savage at www.michaelsavage.com]. Stand tough, Representatives! I listened to a partial reading of the bill, the Touchback provision. Talk about a Cluster Foxtrot! Senator Lindsey Gramnesty and others whine, "We can't deport 12 - 20 million illegals." So, what do they plan? To pass a law that would require the illegals to return to their country of origin; go to a US Consular Office; get a Z-type visa [there are a kazillion types of Z visas]; come back here; pay a fine of $1,500 and assorted fees; pay taxes, and on it goes. Good grief! What were the "grand bargainers" smoking?
  • The bill was written in the dark of night;
  • No committee was involved, that's right; in violation of the US Constition and Senate Rules, no Senatorial committee gave this bill scrutiny;
  • An illegal procedure was invoked to bring the bill to the floor;
  • Senators who oppose the bill are denied their "freedom of speech"; and the indignities continue.
The Senate's like the Keystone Cops on steroids - the machinations to push this bill through would be envied by any tyrant. The bill will also:
  • Diminish the value of citizenship;
  • Put in place a permanent "slave class";
  • Depress the wages of middle-class and lower-middle class working families;
  • Threaten "social security" and "medicare" for seniors;
  • Lead to the North American Union becoming a reality;
  • Open our highways to Mexican truckers and all of the cargo they could carry including more illegal aliens;
  • Ensure that the flood of illegal aliens will continue to grow; and even more damaging, if the above are not enough;
  • Provide "pathway to citizenship" or legal residence to terrorists.
We, the American people, should be very ashamed of the Senators who represent us who vote for this bill; and thereby, vote to overthrow the US democratic republic. We must remove these "traitors" from office when they beg us for votes. And national sovereignty - forget about it! While she still stands, God bless America and the people who make her great...

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